Water makes up over 70% of your body. It is one of your most essential nutrients, it regulates the digestion and the brain and it lubricates the entire body. However, while it is critical to make sure our bodies get enough water, it also important the water we drink is safe - which is why water filters are important for your health.

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Why do up to 64% of New Zealanders choose Natural Therapies?

...because they work - without HARMFUL or DANGEROUS side-effects!!

People are INCREASINGLY choosing to use alternative, TRADITIONAL treatments over conventional medicine.
The reasons are pretty simple - NATURAL THERAPIES

are safe and they works! While there is little doubt that allopathic medicine works well in the case of trauma and emergency (of course you don't call your herbalist if you get hit by a car!!), it is much less effective when it comes to prevention, chronic disease, and in addressing the mental, emotional, and spiritual needs of an individual.

These are precisely the areas where alternative medicine excels! To most of the world's population, over 80 per cent to be precise, alternative medicine is not "alternative" at all, but rather the basis of the health care system.

To Western-trained physicians alternative medicine is "something not taught in medical schools" and something that allopathic doctors don't do and, one could add, they generally know nothing or very little about!

Alternative medicine actually encompasses a very large array of different systems and therapies ranging from ayurvedic medicine to vitamin therapy.

Both conventional and alternative medicine ascribe to the principle "Do no harm". However, while alternative medicine is essentially achieving this goal, conventional medicine seems to have almost totally lost sight of it. Hospitals are now the third largest killer in Australia and over one million people are seriously injured in American hospitals every year. Blood infections acquired in American hospitals cause 62,000 fatalities every year and bypass surgery results in 25,000 strokes a year. Two million patients experience adverse drug reactions in hospitals in the United States every year; of these, over 100,000 die making hospital-induced adverse drug reactions the fourth leading cause of death after heart disease, cancer, and stroke(5-11).

Conventional medicine sees the body as a mechanical system (the heart is a pump and the kidneys are a filter) and believes most disorders can be traced to chemical imbalances and therefore are best treated with powerful chemicals (drugs). Alternative medicine systems, almost without exception, accept that the body is suffused by a network of channels (meridians) that carry a subtle form of life energy. Imbalances or blockages of this energy are what lead to disease and clearing of the blockages and strengthening of the energy is the ultimate goal of alternative medicine.

She Did the Vaccine Research-You Won't Believe What She Found!

Dr. Sherry Tenpenny has spent many hours studying the effects of vaccines. The list of side effects is long, and that's just for one vaccine she mentions here! Find out what she found and what potential dangers might be!
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Latest Cancer Stats from NZ Ministry of Health. New registrations up 18.7%...


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