Sean Caldwell - ASEA & Training testimonial

"I am feeling more energized than ever before!"

My name is Sean Caldwell and I began using ASEA in April 2016.

I've been biking since 2010 & have been around the Taupo circuit of 160kms 3 times. I haven't done the Taupo run in the last couple years, but go biking at least 3-5 times a week to keep fit. I have two circuits of 1 hour & 1:45 minutes long which I normally do on Saturday as more time.

I stopped training in August 2015 due mainly to the bad weather & laziness. In January 2016, I started again, and just biked the short circuit to get my fitness up for a month, and my time down to about 50 minutes for the short circuit. Then I did the long circuit & got that down to 1:35 minutes.

A trip to Australia interrupted my fitness programme for three weeks. Following my holiday, I then found the short circuit very labor intensive and even after 2 weeks, it still took me an hour to do it.

One Saturday morning in April 2016, I took two standard doses of ASEA. Usually, I also take some water on my bike run, but this time I didn't. I had left it at home...

However, surprisingly, I didn't feel thirsty at all. I felt really energized and seemed to have more energy to get up the hills, and so decided to do the long circuit.

Well again I was very surprised because going up the hills I just seem to have power didn't feel fatigued like I normally do. I didn't need any of my water at all and my throat wasn't dry.

But the biggest surprise was I got round the long circuit in 1:35 minutes and felt like I could have gone around again!!

During the ride I was able to keep my speed up constantly as my energy levels seemed to be at their prime. I was so excited to get home and tell Steve of this wondrous product and I have been taking it ever since!

I am feeling more energized than ever before during my bike training, and I no longer return from my training feeling tired...

I am now considering doing Taupo this year as this ASEA product has given me so much energy, and sustains me for longer periods.


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