Sue Piper - ASEA Testimonial, Rheumatoid Arthritis

I have Rheumatoid arthritis. On New Years Eve 2015, I could hardly walk and was at my dear friend Juricz's house with my husband to celebrate the New Year. I was so stiff and sore from a flare, I spent the evening in her spa pool! Juricz had been telling me for several months about ASEA and I didn't listen.

On the following Sunday, I was so stiff and sore I couldn't even attend Church. In the end, Juricz came to visit, put some in a glass and said "just drink it! ". So I did.

Then she gave me some RENU28 to rub on. It was amazing! The RENU eased the pain very quickly. I continued taking ASEA and since then I have not had any major flares to the extent I used to have.

Despite taking medication, I suffered flares before starting ASEA . I am so happy with the results! Furthermore, I had two skin cancers on my lower leg, and have been applying the RENU28 gel to them each day - they have completely gone!

I am also very impressed with how my skin looks through using ASEA and RENU28. It has made me look and feel much younger than my 62 years.

I take some heavy duty drugs to control the RA , but they are slowly being reduced. My bloods have all been within the normal range thanks to ASEA - a special thanks to my dear friend Juricz for not giving up on me!


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