ASEA story of the week - from bedridden and 12 months to live, to walking on the beach and enjoying life..

In February this year I was diagnosed with a late stage cell dividing disease affecting my ovaries.

I underwent chemotherapy weekly for 3 months and I was given a prognosis of 12 months to live if I underwent a massive operation to remove all of my reproductive organs and my entire bowel.

So, I decided against surgery and pursued many natural treatments applicable to my condition which unfortunately, rendered me almost bedridden, I was only able to get up out of bed anywhere from 1 to 2 hours a day.

During this time I could feel my condition worsen and spread to other areas of my body. My groin area was affected with intense shooting pains down both legs and acute pain started shooting through the glands under my arms and into my breast and right arm. I could also feel the glands at the base of my neck shooting pains up into my throat.

I felt as though I was on my last journey on this planet and then I received a phone call from Dan Doyle.

Dan told me about the power of Redox Signalling Molecules and he explained the breakthrough technology with me along with sharing his story of recovery from a similar serious condition.

I must admit, I was between a rock and a hard place but because I already thought I was on my way out, I decided I had nothing to lose so I started using the products.

After the second day using ASEA products, the shooting pains I'd been experiencing lessened and by the fourth day all of the pain had ceased. I consumed a regular dose through the day until I feel asleep…I could sleep again……I couldn't believe it. The next week I was able to stay up longer through the day and go for a walk.

From almost bedridden to being able to walk on my favorite beach, my quality of life has improved dramatically & now after 1 month on ASEA I can lead a normal life.

I still have a long way to go in my fight to survive but I bless the day someone thought of me & bothered to tell me about ASEA. I can't even imaging where I would be if Dan didn't care enough about me to let me know about a technology that has transformed my life.

Thank you Dan! I fully believe you were sent to me from above.

Now I dare to dream about my future!

Rosalyn Webb

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