Sensei Penita Davies, 4th Dan Blackbelt & two times Kyoskushin Karate World Champion: "ASEA flipped my expectations 10 fold!!"

"I have made a life decision to spread the education of ASEA and personally recommend it.."

As Co-Founder and Director of Davies Karate – Martial Arts School, 4th Dan Black Belt and 2 Times Kyokushin Karate World Champion, I was introduced to ASEA by Steve & Fiona Cox.

Initially I was not convinced that ASEA could improve my overall well-being as I was actively involved with Herbalife and believed I did not need anything more to add to my nutritional program.

However after listening about the education of ASEA and seeing first-hand the results of the Cox whanau, I began to ponder about ASEA more and more. So after much thought and deliberation, I had a feeling of overwhelming trust in the testimonials I heard & begun the journey with ASEA 8 weeks ago. ASEA has flipped my expectations 10 fold and provided me with a platform of renewed synergy.

As a martial arts athlete, the strains of vigorous training have taken a toll on my body throughout the years. After giving birth to my 6th child nearly 4 years ago, I found my physical resources stretched and my age (early 40's) was hindering my ability to cope with family, business and demands of life. I did not expect to get the incredible results I got pretty much from the start. Unbelievable energy, substantially increased endurance and recovery, improved rest/sleep and overall improved feeling of well-being.

With this outcome, I was convinced ASEA lives up to what it claims to be, a major breakthrough in cellular health. Something I had not experienced to date.

Since then I introduced it to our Team of fighters; who are preparing for the World Kyokushin Karate Tournament in Japan this coming November and so far the results have been THRILLING!

So I have made a life decision to spread the education of ASEA and personally recommend it to ALL my family and friends. To improve health, help overcome health issues, or improve athletic/sports performance.

Lastly, I have been on the Renu gel for over 5 weeks, and totally ecstatic with the results – my skin has never been so good… The results from acne, bruises and cuts have been unreal!

Sensei Penita Davies Warm Regards
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