Tony Lorigan "The first week I started taking ASEA within days I felt the difference"

A personal testimony by Tony Lorigan, Davies Kyokushin Karate, Hamilton, New Zealand:
October 2016

"Once again people, I find myself with an excuse to write. I do not mind really - Today I am going to attempt to describe my experience with a product called ASEA that I was introduced to at Davies Karate.

If you do not know me, I feel a bit of a background is needed to fully comprehend the effect and how profound this product has been.

I grew up in the gang world. I kind of get sick of talking about that these days, as I am not that man anymore.

You hear people speak about treating their bodies as a temples?

I treated mine as an amusement park! I am 38 years old but often I am mistaken for being far older. I am convinced that is due to methamphetamine. I have been awake 10 more years than I should have.

During my life I have broken an ankle, both legs, both arms multiple times, many fingers, knuckles, cheek, jaw, collar bone, ribs and toes. I hear people talk about golden years! Mine will be titanium and stainless years!! I also have a serious back injury that can be a daily struggle.

During 8 months of karate training, Sensei has often said to me "Tony you will find a way, or an excuse, You decide!" Sensei is right!- "How much OSU have you got?!"

I am only a red belt and though fighting is not new to me, Kyokushin and OSU is relatively new. I turned up at the start of the year really out of shape, in heaps of pain and I have worked hard and reversed a lot of the daily struggles.

One night in particular we were doing kata, and I was struggling bad - to the point where Sensei walks up to me and asks me if I am alright? The answer was "no, but I WILL keep trying". Instantly I was instructed to stop and shortly dismissed, as I was obviously struggling too much.

Another DK member supplies ASEA, and before dismissing me, Sensei tells me to listen to him and to try ASEA - that I will be amazed! I was!!

Our ASEA friend came and met with myself and an old friend of mine. I believe in Sensei and the members of my club, so I decided to invest in ASEA. I will be honest, it is not the cheapest - but I believe that the truest way to economy is to buy once and to buy right. If we are really honest, how often do we find 'cheap' and 'excellent' in the same sentence?

Ok, so I am training and trying hard all year, and during semester A & B at university I decided to take the semester off and work for myself and make some money. I was so over being five years in poverty! Herbalife had been mentioned from the start, but in all honesty, all my spare money went on my Karate fees. So prior to trying ASEA approximately three weeks ago, I had also been on Herbalife for 2-3months and had been doing very well and loved it. I liked the taste, convenience, the weight loss - everything!

During school holidays with my daughter, money was tight. I had eight days OFF Herbalife and ASEA, and my body felt like it was crumbling!
The first week I started taking ASEA again, within days I felt the difference. If I remember right, I was four days in and we had a weights night at training. I forget what exercise it was, but I did 91 reps. I remember Sensei saying "Cut it out Tony!"

Like I mentioned, Sensei knows about all these variables, and there was a marked improvement in my performance. By the end of week one I was bouncing off the walls! If I was a V8, I was firing on nine cylinders!!

Before training I used to have shots of coffee. Sensei knocked that on the head and I was allowed a Herbalife tea instead, which was cool. Herbalife will stay also - it works very well. However, add an ASEA shot before training; and it is a winning combination in my experience!

Due to the long term effects of the methamphetamine, I would only get 3-5 hours sleep a night. With ASEA however, by the second week, I was sleeping through the night like the average person.

ASEA is a brilliant product introduced to me by an amazing group of people! It is better than any pharmaceutical I have experienced!"


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