ASEA - helping turnaround long-term back pain & associated issues

Severe back pain from accident

Hi Steve,

"Loving the ASEA, health wise I'm working out 6 times a week, getting stronger and fitter than I have ever been in the years since my injury. Pain management is still an issue, but I am on half the painkillers I used to be on!"

Roshan Nandu

Roshan suffered a major injury many years ago, and has tried many things to help improve his situation. The double whammy was the painkiller's dosage needed for him just to function day-to-day, brought problematic side-effects of their own.
Also, as he was physically incapacitated, he had major weight gain - and that has it's own associated issues!

After talking it over, explaining why Redox Signalling works, and convincing Roshan to give it go (what was there to lose..), he is has been really excited to have something that is making a substantial difference, and is putting him on track for further improvement :)


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