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Good afternoon,

I have a long, complicated history which has left me with chronic pain for the past 45 of my 61 years. One of the problems I have is an internal derangement of my left knee. Russell first introduced me to Renu following a 6 hour flight. My knee was very painful from sitting so long.

Russell explained the product and the function of the redox signaling molecules and suggested I try it. He gave me a sample tube. When I got home, I applied the gel to my knee and 15 minutes following the application, the pain had subsided. Needless to say, I was thrilled! All that kept going through my mind was..."if the gel could do this, just imagine what the supplement drink could do"

Russell made it very clear that this was not a medication and it made no medical claims. I decided to sign up as an associate, even though I knew I would never "sell" it.

As a nurse, I know it sometimes takes 3 months to see the full efficacy of a medication/treatment, so I committed for 3 months. When my case arrived, I kept the ASEA but tossed everything else out...after all, I was never going to "sell" it.

I am an insulin dependent diabetic.After 3 months on ASEA, I have reduced my evening short acting insulin by 12 units, and my long acting insulin by 10 units, and am able to keep blood sugar well within normal limits.

The nocturia I experienced had me getting up every 2 hrs to pididdle at night, hence disturbing my sleep. After just a week or so, I noticed a reduction. After 3 months on the product, I am sleeping through most nights. If I do have to get up, it is usually only once.

A year ago October, I was only able to ambulate with a cane for 20' due to 4 herniated discs in my lumbar region of my back, one of which was pressing on my sciatic nerve. The pain was excruciating. I was taking MS Contin (a long acting morphine) twice a day and 2-3 Percocet every 4-6 hours for break thru pain. Shortly after starting the ASEA, my mobility began to improve. Today, I am able to ambulate 150-170' before the pain sets in, and when it does, I apply the renu. I have not had to take pain medication in months and I am thrilled about that!

the cervical spine disc problems, the headaches, the arthritis in my right knee and hips...all have improved greatly

4 weeks after starting on ASEA, I had to return to New England. My sister was there to pick me up and told me she couldn't believed how great I looked...my hair, my skin, my face showed no indication of pain...she was amazed that I was walking so much better. I was amazed as well.

Getting it down was a challenge for me. The taste was horrid and I just couldn't swallow it. I tried everything from holding my breath, to chilling it...nothing worked. When I was able to get it down, it came right back up. I stopped taking it for a while, then Russell suggested a nebulizer. I utilized the nebulizer for a couple of days, but it took a long time to complete the treatment. I decided to try drinking it one more time, and now I am able to drink it without a problem!

I share my testimony with everybody who complains of an ache or pain, and, you guessed it, I am selling the product.

I am looking forward, with much delight, to meeting both of you at the September conference in Utah. I am so happy to be part of the ASEA family.

Again, my thanks.

Jan Borelli


"I had radiation for a serious prostate problem. Redox molecules helped me with pain, depression, reducing infections. My rosacea, hearing, eyesight & more!

"In 2012 my prostate problems recurred. Nearly a year after proton radiation, intense agony struck me on Christmas day 2013. For months I couldn't function, hardly able to stand or sit. I lost 15 pounds, couldn't sleep, and dealt badly with pervasive pain, even with strong drugs. I was weak, depressed, angry and felt I might die. Redox biochemistry helped me as follows:

-Intense post radiation agony, depression, anger, sleeplessness, weight loss and numb feet in early 2014 improved in six weeks and are now essentially gone. Blood pressure usually 110/70.

-Energy, strength, endurance and recovery from physical exertion are way up.

-Internal scarring from radiation is smoother, more elastic and open, according to my urologist.

-Urinary tract infections have ceased and only one sinus infection, which were frequent before.

-Since 2014, routine 2015 blood tests show raised HDL 13 points, lowered overall cholesterol 33 points, lowered triglycerides 66 points and glucose down 45 points, plus a .5 drop in uric acid.

-Ugly growth on jaw is gone, moles on back and warts are disappearing & age spots are lighter.

-Bumps on forehead that used to require freezing are virtually gone

– pronounced Rosacea is gone.

-Sore knee is not an issue anymore and sore hands are significantly improved.

-There is new hair growth on my head, according to my barber.

-Hearing is dramatically better (TV volume is at half the setting it was before).

-Nails grow faster and are much smoother and athlete's foot is no longer a problem.

-PSA remains at a healthy 0.1 and no gout attacks for two years (I take no medication at all).

-Memory and focus are sharp and sense of humor has returned, along with a sense of purpose.

-Don't tend to procrastinate anymore because of low energy, being down and lacking ambition.

-Face and neck are smoother and a growth under my tongue has disappeared.

-Tic in left eyelid is gone

-Less plaque, healthier gums and no cavities

-Cataracts diminished and vision improved.

-Hemorrhoids are history."

~ Jack C



I want to give you my ASEA Story.

My name is Carina Berg Selemba I am from Sweden and I am an ASEA Bronze.

I am married to a wonderful husband Ivan and we have 6 children, I had 2 and he had 2 when we met 1984 and then we´we got 2 together.

I want to give you my ASEA story, hope you will like to read it.

I have to take it from the beginning. Our youngest Isabelle was only 12 years old

I had a Brain damage in 2006. I had 2 operations at first and fell into coma. The doctors didn´t know if I should wake up and IF I did they couldn´t tell my family in what condition I would have been in, ( excuse my english) if I woke up.

I was in coma for 5 days and when I woke up I couldn´t recognize anybody.... My husband had to start planing for a life with a wife and his childrens mother that didn´t know anything.

But.. Sometimes I have to joke about this, I say "evil gunpowder perish not", . I could not eat or drink by myself, walk or sit up, I was laying in the bed all day long,

I got so well that I knew who was coming I recognized everybody and that went quick.

I had to take A LOT OF MEDICIN, I also got other complications from my damage. Such as very bad concentration, my eyes wasn´t good, my health, and so on…..

After a little more than a week from the first operation they had to open up my head again because I did not get well so I had to go throu it again, I manage also that one.

I stayed at the hospital for almost 3 months and when I came home I sat in an wheelchair and started to exersize and after a few months I was walking with walkingsticks and that I did for almost 4 years.

I couldn´t ride my bicicle or drive a car, my concentration was very very bad, and I got tired very fast, so working was not possible either, I am an a hairdresser and a nailterapeut.

Then Annika my sisterinlaw came one day and gave me a bottle of ASEA this was 2012, and she said , drink this I think this is something for you.

I started at once, I do not remember exactly when I stoped using my walkingsticks but maybe after 6 months, I forgot to take them with me.

I was feeling a lot better, I could go on conserts at the movie to big events to bigger party and so on, I have not been able to do that since my operations.

2 years ago I said to my husband that I want to ride my bice and he said , go on, I did and I managed it, I was crying like a child, FREEDOM!

After another 6 months I went to the driving shcool and took 2 car driving lessons and passed, WOW Another FREEDOM.

2 years ago when I went to my yearly visit at my doctor he said that he should stop my treatments! because all my tests were SO good,

So end of my story....

Today I drive my car, ride my bicicle, doing everything that is fun,and best of all I drink my ASEA and I feel so good. I use RENU28 / RENUadvance and my skin is super too.

THANK YOU ASEA and Thank you Verdis and Thank you Annika and Thank you all for reading this.

Lots of Love from Carina



"27 years being HIV positive, diabetic, high blood pressure. Doctors say there is no longer any evidence of disease.

"I had many physical ailments. 27 years being HIV positive, diabetes, high blood pressure. I had also had a heart attack so they had put a stent in my lower right ventricle due to plaque.

"I had started drinking redox molecules (2 ounces in the morning and 2 ounces in the evening on an empty stomach) in addition to drinking alkaline water. Back when I was introduced to these molecules, I could tell when they kicked into action. I cut my finger and sprayed them on the cut, and I could not tell where I cut myself about an hour later. It became evident that my body's ability to heal itself increased dramatically after I started on redox molecules.

"I know this is true because I was tested months later and all my doctors were in shock. Each doctor told me there was no evidence of HIV, Diabetes, or plaque. To top it off, the doctor said the stent in my heart appeared to be dissolving. He said it appears that my blood vessels are re-growing themselves and that it wasn't possible. I can understand everyone's surprise at my health recovery, as it truly is remarkable."

~ Gordon B., Cypress, CA


"My severely autistic, non-verbal 10-yr old has not slept through the night since she was born. She is now sleeping through the night and has spoken more words since 5 wks on redox molecules than she has in 9 yrs.

"Hi my name is Stephanie, we have a 10-year-old severely autistic

daughter; her name is Jessica who hasn't slept through the night since she

was born. She was just like a newborn; up every 2-4 hours to eat, play or

have us change her diaper which, meant that not one of us was sleeping

through the night.

"She cannot be unattended ever because she will engage in fecal smearing

and after enough times of cleaning that up in the middle of the night, the

second we would hear she is awake, we were running to her room.

"After only 3 days of taking redox molecules, Jessica is now sleeping through the


"She is also nonverbal and she has said more words in the last 5

weeks of being on redox molecules than we have heard in 9 years.

I can't even put a price on this gift and how it's changed our lives


~ Stephanie B. – St. George, UT


Thanks for Sharing Lynne Culph

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"My quick history:

Joined ASEA and ordered product in Oct 2016 - no results in first 30 days (probably works better if you use it)

November - started using drink and after a short period of experiencing detox, recognized I was sleeping better, more rested (and dreaming again), more energy, skin felt smoother

December - I have lost 12 lbs...and wasn't even trying. Its the holidays for crying out loud

January - body fat is seems to be melting away without a formal exercise program and I realize that for the first time in many years I have SATIETY. For those that do not know, that means being sated (feeling of satisfaction after eating).

February - blood work results came back and shocked my Dr. with significant improvements in all areas: most significant one was blood sugar cell results say I am now just .1 away from no longer carrying the label I have carried for 15 years (figure it out). My doctor (she is a traditional MD aka allopathic) approves the removal of 4 medicines and said if I continue in this direction more meds will be eliminated since they will no longer be beneficial or needed.

Thank you.... all of you in the direct connection path to me as well as all those supporting them. From the founders to Sue Brenchley, Alan Noble, Trish Schwenkler, Deni Robinson, Jerry White and Marcia Morgan White, Terry Latham, but especially Leland Duyck for finding a way past/through our personal agreement to not approach each other with anything "network marketing". This new life I now have is an answer to prayer. My entire family thanks you!"


"After 9 years of trying every possible cream on this planet (natural and prescribed ones by our gp) and no results, we were introduced to Renu28 gel which fixed my son's cracked skin in 8 HOURS!!! 😊 8 HOURS!!! 1 APPLICATION! What other creams couldn't do in 9 years!!!! It's been now 3 months and his skin is still great! 👌🏼❤💙💚💜

The first photo is before Renu28 application, second photo is 8 hours later. The third photo was taken the very next day.

And that's how is done! Redox Signalling Molecules rock!!!! 👊🏼 Thank you! 🙏🏻

If this is what these molecules repair your skin, can you imagine what is happening to your body when you are drinking them.... Wooooohooooo! Healthy cells means healthy body! 🙏🏻😇

Ok don't wanna be writing an essay here. 😁 For those who want to know more about Redox signalling molecules, just PM me. This is so amazing I could be writing about it for hours. 😊So I better stop now...."


"After 9 years of trying every possible cream on this planet (natural and prescribed on...


ONLY 10 DAYS TO LIVE!! The doctors called it A MIRACULOUS HEALING... They didn't know that this lady was supplemented with REDOX SIGNALING MOLECULES. Our ability to ...


ONLY 10 DAYS TO LIVE!! The doctors called it A MIRACULOUS HEALING... They didn't know that this lady was supplemented with REDOX SIGNALING MOLECULES. Our abi...



This lady had 5 different immune issues. She was using a walker. The after pictures are using ASEA for only 30 days! AMAZING!

Before/after 3 weeks of using Asea!


This sweet guy has been drinking ASEA for 15 months....and today marked the 4th appointment he DIDN'T get an increase in his medication for seizures.

Prior to ASEA, every 3-6 months, he would get an increase in his dose (since the age 2.5)

Thanks for Sharing SHANNON!!


From the growing archive of testimonies……….

"After just 3 weeks on ASEA

I have observed how much more calm and relaxed my mind is

I have a very stressful and high- pressured job. Since taking redox molecules & using redox gel 3 weeks ago, I have observed how much more calm and relaxed my mind is. I have more energy, and sleeping much deeper. I have been suffering with acne for the last 5 years and today my skin is looking much clearer. My libido has increased, and the corn on my foot is less getting smaller and less painful. ~ C. Simon"

Thanks for Sharing!


Thought for the day

"I no longer take afternoon naps

I am 73 years old, and take only 1 ounce of redox molecules per day. I have lots of energy throughout the day. I no longer take afternoon naps. Skin colour is good, and my digestion has improved significantly. ~ S. Lake"

This testimony may seem insignificant but think about it.

To have found how to have a new spring in your step when other people your age are slowing down is like being given a new life.

And better digestion?

That is big. Researchers agree the world over that to have good immunity to disease; we need to have a healthy gut with good digestion.

AND ALL THIS for the price of 1 bottle of ASEA a month (half the suggested maintenance amount), which costs her $1.62 a day.

Bet she never forgets to take her ASEA.

ASEA yu later.


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