Ellen Sokolow - ASEA, my personal story

update December 2017: After drinking 16 ounces a day for the first week of a month, I only had a few dry, itchy patches of skin for a few days. I guess I'm in pretty good shape by now!

In order to get perspective, and understand what a profound impact ASEA has had on my life, let me share a bit of my history.
I put myself through Architectural school and practiced for 11 years. Among my many projects, as a specialist in Architectural model building, I worked with an engineering firm when I designed what became the second bridge over the Panama Canal: El Centenario.
Practicing auricular acupuncture, led me to study dietary systems, color and sound therapies, and in 1982 I found Reiki, an energy healing system from Japan.

I'd been teaching and practicing Reiki and Cranio-Sacral therapy since 1982. Spent many years traveling to teach...Germany, Greece, Israel and Palestine often in the midst of war and shooting.
This is a personal story of a courageous, independent woman and her struggle to regain her life and her humanity.

In '94, I was skiing and got hit by a snowboarder. Died. White light, pure bliss. It was wonderful. I didn’t want to come back.
Then I felt a tugging, and realized that I was being pulled back into my body.
I was not happy about it.
Being in light and bliss was indescribably wonderful.
From that crash, I had 5 broken ribs, two fractured vertebra, the floating rib was jammed up parallel to the spine, the lung and kidney were damaged…
In '96 I had one outbreak of a viral condition that produced blisters in a band around my waist.
In 2000 I hit deer with my car, 3 times. Multiple whiplash injuries.
In 2004 diagnosed with rampant cells 
of one ovary, which was healed in 6 months with Reiki Marathons, Macrobiotic diet, Wobenzyme, blue-green algae, Tibetan Buddhist healing pujas from a very dear friend and blessings from my Tibetan Buddhist lamas.

Over those years the pain in my body increased. I became unable to work at all, had to spend most of the days lying in bed or on the floor, couldn’t focus my mind. With no hope in sight.
I went from doctor to doctor, eventually they couldn’t find anything "wrong" and said that I must be depressed and recommended psychotherapy and anti-depressants. I told them that they were wrong. I wasn’t depressed, I was angry at their incompetence. 

Even though I described, with my right hand, that the pain was a wrapping pain, transcribing the arc pattern of the blisters.
Not one of them ever asked me if I'd ever had that particular viral condition and there had been no outbreaks of blisters for 14 years.
In May of 2011 I had, finally, another outbreak of blisters. Went to the doc. Oh, I know what that is. What can be done about it?” “Nothing,” he said, “but anti-viral’s for the rest of your life. As people get older, it gets worse.”
The blister outbreaks continued, increased in frequency and intensity: pain, burning, digestive distresses, flu like symptoms, massive migraines, it was pure misery.
During that time, I was also seeing a Neurological Psychologist for treatment of all of my head/brain injuries. While working with him, we’d realized that I’d had about 6 concussions in my life.
Unable to work, I was living in poverty and had to resort to asking for help, or lose my home and ability to feed myself, which made me feel even worse.
Then something interesting happened.
One day, February 2012, I said to my life-partner, " I will not become one of those old ladies who ends up having to eat cat food because she cant afford real food."
That week:
• We were invited to a Millionaire Mind Intensive, staying with a friend in Boston.
• A former Reiki student, Ira Greene, called to tell me about a "new supplement".
• We went to the MMI and called Ira when we got home.

Ira told us about ASEA. Molecular supplementation. I'd been in pain for such a long time I could not think or understand, hadn’t slept in years, was incapable of putting a sentence together...
I told him that we were broke, couldn’t afford anything, that I'd heard about most of the supplements out there and didn’t have confidence that anything could help me at this point.
Ira said that our Lama was drinking it and loved it. As I trust the lama impeccably, that carried a lot of weight.
Loren, my SODP (Significant Other Domestic Partner) has a degree in Chemistry, he's a master herbalist,& a brilliant man who heard those words "cellular molecular supplementation" and got very excited.
He ordered 4 cases and our first ASEA arrived the same week that I finally succumbed and filled the prescription for the anti virals, which my doc said I'd have to take for the rest of my life!
I thought, "Well, let me try this natural thing first and see if it helps..."
I did and it did.
Within 3 weeks, my Neurological Psychologist noticed such a change in me (I didn’t notice) that he asked me what I was doing differently. I said something about "redox signaling molecules...and I don’t really know what it is, just trying it"
He got very excited, apparently knew about the decades of research on RSM and ordered it right away. He became our first ASEA customer.

Within 8 months of me drinking ASEA, most of the pain that I’d had for 15 years was gone. I still had occasional outbreaks of the blisters, without pain or any of the other associated distresses.
The outbreaks continued to become more rare. I was drinking 2 ounces twice a day.
After drinking it for about 10 months, my words began to return! My mind was no longer blank when I tried to speak. For someone to whom words, articulation and clear communication has always been exciting and delicious, to have words return has been precious to me.
ASEA has literally given me my life back.

Along with that huge change, I've been consistently having more energy, deeper sleep, clearer mind focus and functioning. Panic attacks disappeared.
Senses of smell, taste, hearing and vision have improved. 
At my last 2-year eye check up it was the same! and before ASEA,
it had been decreasing steadily for years.
My gums stopped bleeding and the “pockets” are no longer inflamed and irritated.
I noticed, after slipping on the ice and going to PT, that I recovered quickly and was able to increase the repetitions of the exercises that the PT gave me, so significantly
that she asked what I was doing.

I no longer spend the whole day lying in bed or on the floor, and most important,
I can contribute to the well-being of so many people by sharing ASEA,
which I hadn’t been able to do for more than a decade.

In November 2012, we went to a meditation retreat for 4 days. The Lama had been drinking ASEA for about 2 years at that point and I brought him some sports packs so he could drink it directly as he traveled. I noted to him that the sports pack has 8 ounces , which is generally good for 2 days. 
Meanwhile, I went back to my spot on the floor and as we were doing the practice I sipped, and sipped and sipped my own sports pack.
At the lunch break I realized that I'd finished the whole thing!
During the afternoon session, I sat and immediately the whole practice, the visualization, opened in space in front of me. I was happy and amazed. 
It was simply there. Effortlessly.
Afterwards I went up to the lama and shared my observations. 
During that evenings' session I suddenly looked up and saw him, at the front of the room, 
nodding his head and pointing to the empty sports pack of ASEA!
He got it too!
Later that night, Loren overheard him saying to a few friends,
"It's like Buddha’s blessing is in this bottle." Wow.
In doubt, I wondered if the experience at the meditation retreat was due to the group energy and due to being with the Lama. So, when we got home and after Loren left for work, I drank 10 ounces of ASEA. I began to see things in my own home that i’d never seen before. Cobwebs, dust bunnies, things that needed repairing and windows that weren't as clean as I thought them to be. When Loren got home from work I was like a whirling dervish racing through the house. 
He asked what was going on, I said, I drank 10 ounces of ASEA and I’m cleaning!

And as Loren and I are, working with the business, we are learning and growing, both individually and as a couple. We've met and developed amazing friendships with the people involved in ASEA. And have been happy to find an ethical and human bunch of people to work with. Both drinking it and working with these people has transformed us in many ways. Our mental and physical health is on an upward curve. We believe that everybody deserves to know about ASEA!

April 2014 update: My capacity to form words and to reason, to read and comprehend, has increased. I think, now, that I’m not only going to be as good as before most of the trauma since 1992, I’m going to be much better!
4-18-14 My hair is changing color, at the roots brown hairs are interspersed with the silver, this is visual evidence that others’ can see too.
May 2014 – The company of ASEA has given us a remarkable topical application of the redox signaling molecules in ASEA that we drink, RENU 28, that is MANY times concentrated redox signaling molecules in gel form.
November 2014 – More words! More ability to articulate! More joy!
August 2015 - I’m thinking about taking a Calculus class. Just for fun. Loren has progressed in his racing and got 8th place, 4th place, 2nd place and FIRST place all within a month!
Spring 2016 Loren has entered the Pro Class of Mountain Bike racing and is doing better than he expected.
Since the Autumn of 2012, our cat, Kin has been drinking ASEA daily. Her condition which involved massive inflammation, a hormone imbalance, ravenous eating and loss of weight and running around like she’d drank a pot of coffee, is stabilized. She’s 16 now.
Winter 2016/2017 memory continues to improve, this winter neither of us got sick at all, Loren trains almost daily and I exercise several times a week, pushing myself each time to do a bit more, easily.
SPRING 2017 -post menopausal relief is a welcome thing!
Kin is still doing great!
July 2017 A new eye exam yesterday, shows that my eyesight has improved by 50% since May of 2016. Below are my 2011, 2016 & 2017 eye exam results.
We’re learning how to work with this business model which is new to us. And successfully sharing ASEA with people who are becoming dear friends.
Wishing you the best of all that you can be, 
Loren Graham & Ellen Sokolow, 607-435-8201

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