Why Fiji Islanders Almost Never Get Memory Problems...New post

Why Fiji Islanders Almost Never Get Memory Problems...

Astonishing study suggests this simple difference in their
lifestyle helps protects their memories as they age.

For many people, severe memory issues are a death row sentence.
Despite recent scientific breakthroughs, once the problem reaches a tipping point, you can deteriorate from perfectly healthy to needing full-time care in as little as 1 to 5 years….

It’s shocking to think those irritating senior moments could be a warning sign. And that you might not even be able to dress yourself by the end of next year…
But that’s the reality that faces one American every 67 seconds!
However, there is good news…
Even if you suffer from memory lapses now, there are still steps you can take to help reduce your risk of more serious complications.
For example, experts have recently found that people on the tropical island of Fiji have less trouble with their memories than Americans.
One explanation for this is that Fijians get a lot more sun exposure. Whereas Americans tend to spend most of their time inside.

That means the islanders often have higher levels of Vitamin D, which the body creates from sunshine, and Vitamin D helps strengthen the pathways in the brain associated with our thought and recall ability.
The proof?
In one study scientists found that rats given a daily dose of Vitamin D were able to remember the path through a maze better than a placebo group.
When the scientists analyzed why this occurred, they found that Vitamin D boosted the paths in the brain linked to memory…
The scientists believe there could be a similar effect on humans.

Memory problems can progress rapidly…
One moment you’re fine. The next, your loved ones start noticing something is ‘not quite right.’
Soon, they get more and more worried as you begin to do and say strange things. They ask you to get help...
And then comes the devastating diagnosis, the life sentence, and the realization that you are going to lose everything…
Now is the time to take steps to stop this happening, get frequent reasonable (without burning) amounts of time in the Sun, and refrain from washing with soap for a period after (to allow Vit D to be absorbed in your skin) - and/or - supplement with vit D.


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