From 10 painkillers a day to six in a week - within a week..

Dear Steve

I would like to Thank you for all your help and advice and would like to share my experience with the products and support thus far.

During my life I have always pushed myself and my body to and past its limit and now in my early sixties life is unfortunately catching up with me. My life has always been physical and generally with its fair share of stress.

2016 was an enormous year for me and I had promised my partner I would slow down and look towards retirement. Early in the new year of 2017 I made the decision to start a fresh new company (now employing over 20 staff which in itself has its moments)

Although the physical strain on the body decreased dramatically the stress has done the opposite. I started to gain weight (10 kilos) and my joints stared to swell and become extremely painful. As a male the best thing to do was to ignore it and take painkillers. After weeks of severe pain and constant encouragement from my partner I sought medical help. Blood tests, x-rays the works only to be told I was a very healthy man and that I should slow down some. Hmmmmmm.

At this stage I was using on average 8 packs of Advil painkillers per week just to be able to function somewhat normally. I had straps on my left wrist and left knee and regularly sucked on tummy soothers.

My partner googled the web and came across a product called “Heal and Soothe” and we ordered a bottle. Why Not???

Within a few days I received a call from Steve Cox to talk about what I had ordered. We agreed to have coffee and chat. After a lengthy discussion he recommended that I take a range of products he believed would help.

This was a mixture of products, Antioxidants, Stress relievers and a product called “Asea” and indicated that this would go some way to sorting out the body. He also said that it would be good to try and eliminate some stress, Hmmmmmm.

I started taking the products on Saturday 3 weeks ago and had the roughest weekend health wise for some time, Great start I thought. (Detoxing)

Over the following weeks I have dropped 2.8 kilos, the majority of the swelling is gone as well as the straps and I have used in total 1 pack of painkillers. My overall mood has improved and my energy levels are returning.

In a link sent from Steve was a book called, “The Clever Guts Diet” which I am working my way through reading, very interesting. As a side line what my partner and I are eating has changed, we are not craving for sweet stuff anymore.

All in all after the long rant, ring Steve and listen to his suggestions. I highly recommend !!! 

Rik A.

Hamilton, Waikato.


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