Renu gave me my life back..

Renu 28 gave me back my life.  Living with a 9/10 level of pain daily drags you down and takes away all the fun from life.  5 weeks ago I was sent a tube of Renu 28 to try for my knees. 

I can’t believe how much it has changed my life and given me back my smile.  We were at the stage where my husband was about to sell his boat to pay for a knee replacement.  After having 1 knee replacement it was the last thing I wanted but anything was going to be better than the pain I was in.

At the time my husband also had back pain so between the two of us we were in a bit of a state.  3 times in 5 minutes was all it took.  The pain immediately decreased and the sharp edge gone.  To me this was amazing as I had spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars looking for something to help with my pain.  I was on daily painkillers and while they did not seem to help if I stopped taking them the pain believe it or not got worse.  After about 1 week of using Renu 28 I remember hardly being able to walk one particular day.  I rubbed on Renu 28 again, took 2 Voltaran 25 Rapid tablets and rubbed on some osteoarthritis cream and went to bed.  The next day I couldn’t believe my pain had reduced to about a 2/10.  I was very sceptical but very excited.  I kept using Renu 28 every time I had a twinge. People at work were watching me get my life back.  I started joking around again and even started enjoying my job as a teacher and getting back into having fun with the kids. 

Now 5 weeks on, my husband was pain free within 3 days and my son who hurt his hands in a work accident used Renu 28 over 2 days with great success and went home with Mum’s extra tube of Renu 28.  I am dancing around the house and can’t thank Steve enough for sending me a free sample of Renu 28 when the actual capsules I ordered were not available.

I want to share my story with as many people as I can to say there is something out there to help with debilitating pain and Renu 28 has been a miracle for me.  I am glad I persevered when things went bad after a week.  My limp has gone, my pain has gone and my inflammation has gone, all thanks to Renu 28.

Joan Constable


South Canterbury


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