Prostate recovery, 60 y.o. Australian Man

Recovery - a 60 year old Australian man, Derrick, who was diagnosed with a life threatening disease in his Bladder, Urethra and Prostate who decided not to have his organs removed and fight the disease with a healthy lifestyle, ASEA and the help of his wife, Denise.

Denise Delfsma

1 February

October 2016 – Julie Watts, friend and “ASEA  Associate ,” introduced Denise to ASEA. 
February 2017 – Derrick started drinking the maintenance dose of ASEA .
4th April 2017 – Derrick began passing blood in his urine.
7th April 2017 – Derrick had blood tests completed to identify the cause of blood in urine
13th April 2017 – Derrick had an alarming amount of blood in his urine and attended his GP immediately and was prescribed antibiotics. From here Derricks GP arranged a referral to see the urology department for further investigation.

Derricks symptoms included being overly tired, blood in urine, frequent and urgent need to urinate
Derrick was required to complete a CT scan of the bladder prior to urology specialist appointment. During the scan Derrick noticed a mass of ‘pearls.’

20th May 2017 – First urology clinic appointment, a procedure was scheduled.
8th June 2017 – Derrick attends procedure, during which the surgeon found a mass in the bladder, urethra and prostate, she removed what she could successfully. In the post op discussion, the surgeon diagnosed Derrick with life threatening cells, however she was perplexed that the mass was removed with ease – Was the ASEA already working to eliminate this mass?
9th June 2017 – Upon returning home Derrick began consuming a whole bottle of ASEA per day – By drinking 4 -5 large glasses throughout the day.
15th June 2017 – Derrick presented at the emergency room with a suspect urine infection and high temperature and was prescribed antibiotics.

 It was later identified that this would be one of many detoxes as a result of his ASEA consumption and in fact not a urine infection. 
Derricks detox symptoms included body aches, excessive sweating resulting in multiple shirt and sheet changes throughout the night, mood swings, rashes and unidentifiable sensations.
As a result of these detoxes Derrick notes few days later he would pass material in his urine.
23rd June 2017 – Derrick attended a post op visit to urology clinic to discuss pathology and it was indicated that further surgery was likely. 

24th June 2017 – Denise had a phone consult with Wayne Pickstone, Dr of Chinese Medicine, ASEA Gold Associate to discuss diet and PH testing and booked a face to face consult for Derrick
26th June 2017 – Derrick’s surgeon called him to tell him that there had been a meeting to discuss his prognosis and it was concluded that the removal of his bladder, urethra and prostate was necessary for his survival and no other treatment options were offered to him. 
Derrick was apprehensive; however, he was told he had no choice by his surgeon. Flights and accommodation were booked and his surgery scheduled.

Derrick spent the following day alone at home with his own thoughts, questioning the decision that had been made for him and concluded that there must be another way. Denise contacted Julie whilst she was in America on an ASEA cruise. At the time Julie was seated with Harry and April “ASEA Ambassador Diamonds” and took the opportunity to discuss Derricks situation with them. Harry offered to speak with Derrick.
2nd July 2017 – Derrick called Harry and is so reassured by Harrys results that the impending surgery was cancelled 
10th – 15th July 2017 – Derrick went through a detox. 
30th July 2017 – Derrick’s PH went up.
7th July 2017 – Derrick has his first appointment with Wayne Pickstone, Dr of Chinese Medicine, ASEA Gold Associate and has continued to have monthly visits.
11th – 15th July 2017 – Derrick went through a huge detox
22nd – 25th August – Derrick went through a detox
1st – 5th October – Derrick went through a detox - this time with an unusual sensation over body
Over the next few months Derrick goes through a few ‘mini’ detoxes that only last a night or so
15th November 2017 – Derrick passed material in his urine and from this point forward his urgency to urinate, the pressure sensation ceased and is able to sleep through the night without waking up and going to the bathroom.
30th November 2017 – Derrick went through a massive detox.
1st December 2017 – Derrick broke out in a rash on his upper thigh and ankle for a few days. 

Wayne increases a supplement and suggests this is a result of a liver detox. 
Over the Christmas break Derrick decided he wanted an indication of his health.

4th January 2018 – Derrick attended his GP and requested blood and urine tests be completed.
23rd January 2018 – Derrick attended his GP for test results and finds that there are no malignant cells and some of his blood work is the equivalent of a new born baby.

Derrick, Denise and their daughters are relieved and grateful for the decision that Derrick made to follow his intuition. We are grateful for ASEA, Julie, Harry and Wayne’s support and guidance. Derrick wants to share his story to help others, to prove that you always have a choice, to encourage others not to base their decisions on the advice of those who don’t have to deal with the results – Once they cut it out you can’t get it back. Derrick and his family will continue a life of healthy living and ASEA. Derrick and Denise are always available to answer any questions that you may have.

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