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Sepp Hock

6 August 2018

Hi to all the Asea family
It is time to share my lifesaving Redox story with the intention that my story will give hope & encouragement, especially to those who are going through something similar.
My chiropractor that I visit regularly noticed a spot on my right shoulder that had changed colour & said that I really needed to get it looked at. So, I booked myself in to see the SunDoctors Clinic here in Noosa, Australia. The doctor scanned my body, and then proceeded to take out his special camera that magnetises the photo x 8 , and it also sees into & under the skin.

As you can see on the first picture the spot was about the size of a large pea. The doctor took the photo & downloaded it into his computer. He asked me to hop off the table & have a look, his previously friendly and cheerful demeanour had changed & now he was very quiet and with great concern. He turned to me and said that he has to cut out this pea looking abnormality for a biopsy and have it sent off. He said he would personally call me once he had the results.

It was Friday February the 16th when my wife Jesca & I were driving to the Australia Asea Convention Event on the Gold Coast, when our conversation was broken by a private caller. It was the Sun Doctor specialist. His words floored us as it came out of the car speakers: “ I am really sorry to inform you with the bad news , you have a very aggressive malignant Cell damage , Stage 3, and I have made arrangements for you to be seen by the best surgeon in the state for your condition.”
We went into the ASEA Australasia Conference weekend totally horrified and uncertain of what was awaiting me. Quite frankly, with this terrifying news, things were not looking good at all.

The following Thursday 22nd of February I met the Malignant Cell Specialist for a complete brief of what my diagnosis was and what procedure he wanted to perform on me the following day to remove the abnormal malignant cells. I told him about Redox Signaling Molecules & that this would be a huge part of my protocol & recovery. To this he replied “ I fully concur with what you said !”
The specialist removed a piece out of my shoulder measuring 100mm x 75mm x 75mm , (which is bigger than a large mango) plus 4 lymph nodes out of my neck. 

The surgery went well, however the procedure & drugs really knocked me around big time for a couple of weeks. I took time out, time to rest & heal, loaded up constantly with redox molecules, super healthy nourishing foods and the loving care of Jesca.

As soon as I came home, I took 1 bottle of the Redox Signaling Molecules every day & 1 tube of Renu28 every 2 days , applying on my wounds, back of neck & took double the doses of Asea Via Source & continued this for 6 weeks. Also I went pure 100% Paleo diet, cutting out sugar, starches, dairy, alcohol, caffeine, gluten and any processed foods. I also drank about 4 litres of filtered rainwater everyday.
We had to wait 1 more week for the results of all the tests, to find out if the malignant rogue cells had spread anywhere into my body. 
The 2 weeks in total of waiting for a clear diagnosis since that ominous phone call were some of the most challenging weeks I have ever had to face! 
1 week after the surgery , the tests came back all clear , except that 1 lymph node had minute traces of the malignant cells. These traces were so small that the specialist advised to come back for scans & tests 3 months later. The specialist in the meantime had done some research into redox signaling and he said he fully supported what I was doing.

I continued on half a bottle of the molecules daily along with the above protocol.
Just recently I have had all my scans & tests . The results were fantastic! No trace whatsoever of abnormal cells! 
Jesca went and visited the SunDoctor that I saw for a skin check up herself, and she filled him in with my results. He was blown away, and told Jesca that he never expected to see me ever again, that I had been in a very serious situation.

So here I am today, deeply grateful to Asea & these amazing molecules , I truly feel and believe that my life has been spared. I know it is now time to step up and share my story. There are many people all over the world whose lives can and will be blessed with these powerful molecules, which can give people so much hope.

So please share my story if you know anyone who has had a scary news like this, be brave & know that you may very well be a lifesaver, that could save & change their life forever. 
With love & gratitude to my family, Asea and my family of Team Manawa Kala who supported Jessca & I through this chapter in my book of life.
Someone’s life is waiting to hear from you.
With loving gratitude 


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