The Top 3 "Dirty Little Secrets" Lurking In The Pain Relief Industry's Closet Of LIES!

The Top 3 "Dirty Little Secrets" Lurking In The Pain Relief Industry's Closet Of LIES!

Why is it that you're forced to simply EXPECT a laundry-list of side effects if you start a new pain medication?

Why is it that millions of people every day are watching commercials where the list of side effects is longer than the commercial itself... yet STILL spend their hard-earned money on those products?

And why is it that millions of people all around the world are still willing to ACCEPT these dreadful, mind-fogging, life-shortening side effects even though there are safe alternatives available?

Hi, my name is Jesse Cannone.

I'm the founder of The Healthy Back Institute®, and in the past 10 years and with the help of my medical advisory board of 7 doctors and pain specialists... I've personally helped over 165,385 people in 85 countries free themselves of the shackles of back, neck and other pain.

And I've done so with all-natural, 100% safe, innovative and sometimes controversial pain relieving methods.

I've been featured in dozens of newspapers and magazines such as Entrepreneur Magazine, Women Today, Woman's World, and Visage... numerous radio programs... thousands of websites and even as a featured pain expert on NBC!

And in the letter below, I'd like to clue you in on the top three dirty little secrets the "pain relief" industry is trying to hide from your eyes. Secrets that are not only lining the pockets of "Big Pharma", but also KILLING people just like you as a result.

Secrets like...

One of the most DEADLY, yet common pain medications on the market (Hint: If you're taking this silent killer, you could be subjecting yourself to a 340% increased risk of heart attack or stroke!)

The scientific discovery made in 1972 which gave a scientific explanation as to why you experience more pain as you age... PLUS... how to easily and quickly FIX this problem without resorting to drugs or surgery!

The 12 most powerful and safest anti-pain ingredients which not only decrease your pain but can also help reduce blood pressure... brighten and clear up your skin... give you a rock-solid immune system... cleanse and thin your blood... and much, much more!

Let's get started by giving you a sneak peek into the lives of people taking these life-sucking pain medications and why you should be running for the hills if you're currently taking any medications from major drug corporations.

Dirty Little Secret #1:
Drug Side Effects Are Not Only Dangerous...
They're DEADLY!

For years, even decades we've been told that if you have pain... just taking something like... Advil... Aleve... Bayer... Celebrex... Demerol... Motrin... Naproxen... Oxycontin... Percocet... Tylenol... Ultram... or Vicodin... and your pain will simply disappear.

And that's fine - if you're not a fan of living.

While these drugs may be working right now to temporarily stop your pain... they are secretly working behind the scenes... tearing apart your stomach... turning your organs into mush... and causing your insides to become leaky faucets of BLOOD!

Don't believe me?

Here's proof.

Adverse drug reactions are the 4th leading cause of death in the United States... and even put your life at risk in the hospital... affecting more than 1 in 10 patients.

Only Heart Disease, Cancer, And Strokes
Kill More Americans Every Year!

Here are just a handful of examples of commonly prescribed pain meds and their health-crushing effects...

Aspirin - Want to DOUBLE your chances of developing a perforated ulcer or gastrointestinal bleeding? Then start taking "1-a-day" Aspirin and kiss your organs goodbye!

Tylenol/Acetaminophen - Every year, more than 56,000 Americans will visit the emergency room due to acetaminophen overdoses. It’s the leading cause of calls to Poison Control Centers and by far the leading cause of acute liver failure, causing nearly 50% of all cases.

Vicodin, Lorcet, Norco, Percocet, Percodan, Hydrocodone, Oxycodone - Over 16,000 people per year DIE from opiate overdoses. These highly addictive pain meds prescribed by pill-happy doctors cause liver failure, severe constipation leading to ruptured bowels, blocked bowels or sepsis… severe respiratory depression, confusion, coma, and complete cardiac arrest.

Advil, Aleve, ibuprofen, naproxen - These "everyday" pain meds carry a heavy burden. Much heavier than you would ever expect. Just check out these stats...

... The odds of dying from taking a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) after just two months is around 1 in 1,200.

... Roughly 16,685 people die each year from NSAID related complications... stealing the life away from as many people as AIDS!

If you want to play "prescription roulette... just take Celebrex and triple your risk of heart attack!
Celebrex - Feeling like playing a little Russian roulette with your heart and brain? Just take prescription Celebrex and you'll instantly triple your risk of heart attack or stroke!

While studying the drug’s potential as an anti-cancer drug, the National Cancer Institute discovered that...

"Those taking 400mg doses had 250% greater risk of dying from heart attack or stroke... and those taking the 800mg doses has 340% times the risk!"

So the question is...

... WHY are these pain medications so harmful to your body?

... WHY do they put you at risk for so many other side effects?

... WHY have you been betrayed and lied to by the drug companies and doctors who prescribe you these potentially deadly pain meds?

Dirty Little Secret #2:
IF You're In Pain - PLEASE Don't Fall Victim
To The Greedy, Money-Hungry Drug Corporations Feeding You Lies!

These greedy drug corporations want one thing... YOUR MONEY... even if the drugs they're selling you are killing you!
Giant pain medication corporations care about one thing.


They don't care that their products are munching away on the inside of YOUR body like an uncontrollable cancer... slowly feasting on the healthy cells and organs inside you.

They care about money. Plain and simple.

Here's proof.

In 2006, revenues of prescription drugs topped $643 BILLION (yes, with a B) dollars...

Wanna know WHERE that excess of money is going?

It's going to places like...

The pocket of Jeffrey Kindler - Jeffrey Kindler is the chairman of the company who creates the popular prescription pain killer "Celebrex". The same one that TRIPLES your risk of heart attack or stroke. To give you a taste of how "ethical" the company is... they pleaded guilty to the largest health care fraud in U.S. history in the year 2009. To make matters worse - this was the 4th time they were charged with that same crime in the past 10 years!

So how much of YOUR money goes into his pocket every year? Well... way back in the year 2007... his salary was a whopping $12,600,000.

Yes... $12.6 MILLION dollars.

That's 1.5 million per MONTH... $242,307.69 per WEEK... $34,615 per DAY!

Now listen, I'm not against making money. Everybody wants to make more money, however, I believe in making money by helping people... not making them sick and even killing them!

Your Doctors And Physicians - Baffled at the fact that every time you go to the doctors, you're quickly pushed out the door with "yet another" prescription?

Here's why.

Sales representatives for these drug companies shower your doctors with free samples and office supplies in order to persuade them to prescribe you the medication they're selling.

Some companies offer so-called "educational opportunities" for physicians to continue the medical training necessary to renew their medical licenses. Free dinners, paid trips, and speech slots at symposiums can all influence your physician’s decision to prescribe one prescription over another.

Corrupt Government Officials - Ever wonder why your wallet gets lighter every time you even THINK about your prescriptions?

It's because no-good drug companies have a team of 625 lobbyists lining the pockets of our own Congress so they don't pass any "price limitations" on the pain meds and other prescription medicines you currently take.

In a recent election, drug companies spent more than ANY other industry in the world to sway the politicians in their favor... influencing politicians to pass bills in their favor with a whopping $134 MILLION dollars.

Can you believe this madness?

It's no wonder so many thousands of people get sent to the hospital, develop life-altering diseases and problems within their bodies... and even DIE from taking NSAID's and prescription pain meds.

All the drug companies care about is the money... NOT you!

But that's not the biggest problem.

The biggest problem is that... while the pain meds you're currently taking are slowly eating away at your vital organs like a deadly virus... they're literally INCREASING the amount of pain your body is in.

Let me explain...

Dirty Little Secret #3:
The Longer You Use Traditional Pain Meds... The
LESS Effective They Become!

Many of today's most popular pain medications aspirin, ibuprofen, Advil, Aleve, Celebrex and Motrin - are designed to fight inflammation. Others, like Tylenol and Panadol... block incoming pain signals.

But none of them target what may actually be at the root of your pain: fibrin.

Fibrin is a natural substance in your body which helps in wound healing. It's also what scar tissue and scabs are made of.

Here's how it works: Your body senses an injury - it can be as minor as a small bump, scratch or even just sudden heat or coldness - and it reacts by:

#1: Sending white blood cells to the irritation or injury to fight infection, causing inflammation and swelling.

#2: Releasing fibrin to essentially "seal off the site" with a strong protective mesh.

NORMALLY... the site is healed, the fibrin breaks down, the inflammation subsides, and everything goes back to normal.

But many times...

This Process Goes Haywire... Causing Spiderwebs Of Scar Tissue
To Pump Through Your Body!

Sometimes, our bodies fail to "call off" the fibrin. So like a button that's stuck in the "ON" position, fibrin continues to build up around the site, then harden - causing further inflammation, and often excruciating pain that just won't go away.

Plus, research studies show that if you're over 50, once inflammation is triggered, it's much less likely to go back down.

Meanwhile, you keep tossing all these painkillers at the fibrin. But it's like trying to break into a walnut shell with a water gun. In this case, all the painkillers in the world won't work if they can't get through the fibrin!

In other words, the longer you ignore the REAL cause of the problem... the fibrin... the longer you'll stay in pain and the less effective traditional pain meds will be in managing your pain.

But don't worry because...

We've Discovered A Way To BUST Through The Fibrin, Lower Inflammation
And Free Your Body From The Pain!

It starts with a man named Dr. Max Wolf.

He was a medical doctor at the prestigious Columbia University for over 30 years and was doing research on why your pain seems to increase as you age.

In particular he was looking for the differences in why young people often experience faster healing times and less overall pain than older folks.

Here's what he found.

He discovered that when the body was reacting to pain, the bodies of younger adults responded by flooding the painful area with something called "proteolytic enzymes".

But for some reason... the older folks he studied showed DRAMATICALLY reduced levels of proteolytic enzymes and therefore felt more pain.

Excited by his amazing discovery, he narrowed it down even further and discovered that beginning around age 27 the amount of proteolytic enzymes in your body begins to diminish.

Bottom Line: If you're over 27 years old... THIS may be the reason you're still in pain.

But he still needed to find PROOF to the question...

Could Proteolytic Enzymes Be Acting
As The Shut-Off Switch For Pain?

Dr. Wolf's discovery that younger adults have dramatically higher levels of proteolytic enzymes in their bodies launched a wave of controversy and excitement into the scientific community.

And what scientists found was nothing short of amazing…

In 1972 they discovered that proteolytic enzymes are the first line of defence against pain and inflammation!

Are You “Enzyme Bankrupt?”
You Could Be if You Have...

Back pain... Sciatica... Chronic Fatigue... Fibromyalgia... Joint Pain... High Cholesterol... Arthritis... Cancer... Heart Disease... High Blood Pressure... Obesity... Depression... or Colitis!

Did you that...

... A newborn baby’s enzyme levels are 100 TIMES HIGHER than that of an elderly persons?!

... A 20-year-old has double the enzyme levels of a 70-year-old…

... Grey hair can be caused by a lack of the enzyme tyrosinase.

... Blood clotting disorders are often associated from a lack of the enzyme plasmin.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are thousands more enzymes that are responsible for tens-of-thousands of daily, protective reactions in your body every day.

That’s why it’s critical that you replenish your enzyme stores!

Amazingly, they operate on a “lock-and-key” basis which means they can recognize good prostaglandins from bad prostaglandins.

And when their teeth fit into a ‘bad’ prostaglandin that's already run its course and has no more use... they dispose of it to let the GOOD prostaglandin come in and get rid of the pain.

They also discovered that...

Proteolytic enzymes are completely safe - In 1993 scientists discovered that proteolytic enzymes have no known lethal dose. Compare that to NSAIDS which put hundreds of thousands of people a year in the hospital and, in some cases can cause death!

A 1982 study showed proteolytic enzymes “eat” fibrin and other scar tissue – this may explain why as you age your wounds heal with thicker, weaker, less pliable and more visible scars. It's because you don't have enough proteolytic enzymes to "eat up" that scar tissue!

They cleanse toxins from the blood – believe it or not, cells and organs dispose of toxins through your blood. The proteolytic enzymes soak up these toxins and get rid of them!

Your blood becomes thick from too much scar tissue which turns it to sludge, causing high blood pressure, lack of circulation, clots and many other problems. Enzymes reduce the scar tissue... allowing your blood to flow smoother and helping your body cleanse toxins.

Enzymes fight viruses and improve your immune system - Proteolytic enzymes recognize viruses through their special lock-and-key mechanism just like they recognize the prostaglandins, so you get sick less often!

Proteolytic enzymes have even been used in Europe since 1974 to treat cold sores and other viral conditions... and that's even before people knew what they were called!

Proteolytic Enzymes Have Been PROVEN To Work
By Some Of The Top Research Centers In The World!

Another study done by the Institute of Cancer Research in Vienna found that "a combination of proteolytic enzymes and herbs were effective in treating rheumatoid arthritis and reducing TGF-b which is known to be present in the blood when there is cancer."
In a study done by Dr. Nicholas Gonzales, which was published in the medical journal, Nutrition and Cancer, Dr. Gonzales compared systemic enzyme therapy against a new cancer drug, Gemcitabine. He found that 5 out of 11 patients treated with systemic enzymes lived two years or longer and not a single patient of the 129 treated with the drug lived more than 19 months!

A study published in the Journal of Medicine, Science, Sports and Exercise found that “proteolytic enzymes have therapeutic effects in the treatment of inflammation and soft tissue injuries.”

Keep in mind that drug companies can't patent natural substances like vitamins, minerals and, yes, proteolytic enzymes.

(They want to patent their pain meds so competitors can't steal them)

Why do you think proteolytic enzymes aren't included in NSAID's and prescription pain meds? Because if the drug companies added them into their formula... competitors would steal them and they'd lose money!

Once again... when it comes to drug companies... they care about the MONEY... not you.

Of course, they can try to come close and mimic their actions. Which is what they tried to do with the popular NSAIDS. But as you’ve discovered, sometimes "mimicking" actually makes things worse.

So the question now becomes... how do you get them into your body?

The answer is simple...

Food Alone CAN'T Boost Your Enzyme Levels
High Enough To Relieve Your Pain!

So far, you’ve discovered 3 scientific facts...

FACT #1: Both prostaglandins and fibrin – two normal protective and healing processes – are occurring in your body right now. Unfortunately, if they continue unchecked they can cause more harm than good.

FACT #2: Proteolytic enzymes have been proven to not only control prostaglandins and scar tissue, but even reverse some of the damage they’ve done. Better yet, they're also 100% safe.

FACT #3: Unfortunately, your production of proteolytic enzymes decreased dramatically around the age of 27. And with the poor nutrition content of most foods today it's becoming nearly impossible to replenish those stores through food alone.

Which leaves you with a decision to make.

... Do you want to take the risk of dying 5... 10... 15 years early?

... Do you want to continue wasting your money on expensive and dangerous prescription pain meds that are literally eating away at your organs like a cancerous Pac Man?

... Or maybe you're ready to try something NEW... something 100% safe... something all-natural which HEALS your body as it soothes away your pain?

If so, I’d like to introduce you to...

An All-Natural, 100% Safe, Pain-Relieving Supplement
Which HEALS Your Body As It Soothes Away Your Pain!

It’s called "Heal-n-Soothe®" and it not only gives you the healing power of proteolytic enzymes in a convenient capsule but it also goes where no other proteolytic supplement has or will with…

Today’s Most Powerful Proteloytic Enzyme Combination: We've combined the incredible systemic enzymes Protease AM, Protease 6.0 and Alkaline Protease... Bromelain and Papain to give you the most powerful pain-fighting effects!

No Label ‘Slight of Hand’: Most supplements don't list the exact concentrations on their labels... because they want to hide the fact that they're RIPPING YOU OFF! As you'll see below... you get to see the entire label... with ALL ingredients and ALL concentrations of each ingredient - because we have nothing to hide.

The Only Truly All-Natural Proteolytic Enzyme Formulation - Available with no dangerous fillers or preservatives! This pain-reducing miracle was made for the pain sufferer who wants to get rid of their pain without adding mystery chemicals into their body.

But even beyond the healing power of proteolytic enzymes, Heal-n-Soothe® has added...

12 Additional Proven Anti-Inflammatories
Straight From Mother Nature Herself…

These anti-inflammatories combine with proteolytic enzymes to give your body a powerful and proven one-two punch against inflammation and pain.

This powerful inflammation fighting formula includes...

Proteolytic Enzymes

Research indicates these enzymes work throughout your entire body to help it fight inflammation... dissolve scar tissue... cleanse and thin the blood... plus even boost cardiovascular, respiratory and immune function.

In other words, proteolytic enzymes are the final line of defense against disease, illnesses, pain and everything else that happens inside your body.

And unfortunately with the nutrient-deficient food we're eating today, the vast majority of adults today have dangerously low levels of these enzymes!

The easiest and most affordable way to get them in your body is by taking Heal-n-Soothe® on a regular basis.


This special natural compound which is extracted from pineapple contains several proteolytic enzymes that have been shown to short-circuit multiple pain pathways in the body.

It has been studied extensively since it's discovery in 1957 and hundreds of studies have shown it to reduce inflammation, reduce and prevent swelling and remove waste and toxins from the blood.

For example, in one study, 77 patients taking Bromelain experienced significant reduction in pain and swelling.

Turmeric Extract

Turmeric has the unique ability of using its antioxidant powers to seek out and destroy free radicals in the body which contribute to pain and swelling.

A recent study done at the prestigious Sloan-Kettering Cancer Research Center in New York.

In this study they found that Turmeric was more safe and precise than aspirin in stopping inflammation by shutting down the COX2 enzyme responsible for pain.

And Turmeric caused none of aspirin's typical gastrointestinal irritation!


Papain is unique in that it's been shown to actually attack tumor cells and boost the immune system!

It also contains a wide range of proteolytic enzymes and works by breaking down proteins.

In studies it has been shown to be effective in the treatment of numerous conditions such as diabetes, herpes, cancer and digestion issues like bloating and chronic indigestion.

It's an enzyme very few people have enough of, yet if they did, would reduce the frequency of a lot of common diseases and disorders!

Devil's Claw

Numerous studies have proven it's effectiveness in reducing pain and inflammation.

In fact, one study found that Devil's Claw was as effective in treating arthritis pain as common drug, phenylbutazone... which is so strong it's even used to treat pain in horses!

There have also been several studies on humans which show that Devil's Claw is as effective as COX-2 inhibitors... without the deadly side effects!

A series of studies completed in Germany found that the main ingredient in Devil's Claw was indistinguishable from Vioxx in the treatment of chronic low back pain!

Boswellia Extract

One of the most widely used herbs in Indian medicine, it has been used for centuries by traditional Indian healers to reduce pain and inflammation.

Hundreds of studies have been done proving it's effectiveness and in addition to being a powerful and safe, natural anti-inflammatory, Boswellia has also been shown to support healthy blood circulation.

In a randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled study, 30 patients received 333mg, 3x a day of Boswelia.

The group who received the Boswelia had a significant reduction in pain and swelling and experienced an increase in joint mobility and flexibility as compared to the placebo group.

Vitamin E

This fat-soluble vitamin is an essential nutrient for humans and is known for it's powerful anti-oxidant properties.

Vitamin E has been shown to be beneficial in numerous situations and conditions such as controlling high blood pressure, maintaining healthy and balanced cholesterol levels and boosting immune system function.

Plus... it has also been shown to improve circulatory conditions, skin health, memory and more.

In short, it benefits virtually your entire body!

Ginger Extract

Used for over 2,500 years in Asia, Ginger has been used to treat nausea and to reduce pain and inflammation.

It works by decreasing the amount of prostaglandins, which are what cause you to feel pain. In other words, it does what NSAID's and prescription pain meds do, but in the way nature intended it to do so... instead of forcing it and causing side effects!


Found naturally in a variety of plants and fruits, this flavanoid has been shown to have a strong anti-inflammatory effect due to it's powerful anti-oxidant activity.

Reducing your inflammation leads to changes throughout your entire body.

Changes such as ... a reduction of pain... increased circulation and dozens of other health benefits which ramp up your energy!

Citrus Bioflavanoids

Citrus bioflavanoids aid in the absorption of vitamins and act as important anti-oxidants.

They also inhibit collagenase and elastase, the enzymes responsible for the breakdown of connective tissue.

That way your joints and ligaments stay as healthy as when you were a teenager!

In addition to protecting connective tissues, they also protect against free radical damage.


There are literally over 20,000 research studies available on how glutathione can help your body in everything from cancer prevention to more supple skin.

Glutathione is quite literally THE most important antioxidant in your body.

The benefits of increased glutathione are virtually endless, since glutathione is the antioxidant that controls ALL other antioxidants in your body.

It is the ONLY antioxidant in your body that has the ability to eliminate ALL free radicals, not just specific types!

Mojave Yucca (root)

The Mojave Yucca root has more benefits than you could shake a stick at!

These improvements in your health include migraine relief... decreased blood pressure, cholesterol and triglycerides...better digestion... reduction of muscle spasms... improved blood circulation... treating various skin conditions... healing wounds... and it even promotes shiny and healthy hair.


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