Serrapeptase - The Miracle Enzyme

Serrapeptase has had wide clinical use , spanning over 30 years throughout Europe and Asia .

Serrapeptase digests non-living tissue , blood clots , cysts , arterial plaque and inflammation in all forms . The uses are wide ranging and cover just about every condition that is affected by inflammation and /or non-living tissue such as :-

Pain & Inflammation Problems / Migraines / Chest & Lung Problems / Cardiovascular Problems / Ear , Nose & Throat ( sinus , sore throats etc ) / Sports Injuries ( inflammation , scar tissue etc ) /

Osteoarthritis "I have not had to take any medications since just a few days taking serrapeptase."

I am a very busy RN who has suffered with osteoarthritis for many years. I began taking Ibuoprofen more than 20 years ago and have steadly increased that dose to be able to function. Over the years I have added other medications and supplements to my daily routine, always concerned about what it was going to do to my body in the future. After having a long talk with my physician I decided I needed to find some kind of alternative therapy to avoid the consequences of taking all that medication. I felt lucky that I still had my stomach and GI system still in working order and knew that it would not last forever. I came across the information about Serrapeptase.

It was difficult for me to believe that this product could be as successful as it was advertised. I did endless hours of research on line before deciding to put this product in my body.

To say how wonderfully surprised I was that this product actually worked is a large understatement. I have not had to take any other medications since just a few days after I started taking Serrapeptase. Congratulations to a wonderful discovery.

Congratulations to all of us who decided to give this fantastic product a try.

Ann Marlatt, Registered Nurse.

Backyard Remedy Goes Global..

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2008/2009 Doubles Blind Clinical Study shows Elmore Oil Results;
  1. 33.33% Reduction in pain (average)
  2. 38.88% Reduction in number of days to relieve severe joint stiffness and pain.
  3. 73% Reduction in number of days of poor sleep due to pain and discomfort.

Dr Mary Newport, CBN TV Interview, Coconut Oil effectively treating Alzheimer's!


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