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  • To use the sulphate free body wash as per directions during the trial period - not mix with other Body & Hair wash products during the trial period.
  • To report back your opinion and experience at the end of the trial, your comments to be shared via Natural Health Now publications.
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    We Invite You To Participate In A Limited Free Trial Group Offer

    "Having problems with dry/irritated skin, dandruff or rash?"
    Sulphates could be the culprit..
    They are used universally in personal care products because they do clean, and foam well, and are very inexpensive to manufacture - BUT - they are also recognised as toxic and can be harmful.

    We would like to invite you to participate in an exclusive trial group, to free test a hand-made local, sulphate free product; Manuka, Coffee, Vanilla & Coconut oil Body Wash from Pure Blend. Not only do the ingredients sound delicious, they're beneficial too! The coffee helps circulation stimulating your skin, the vanilla mixed with the coffee smells sweet & warm. With coconut oil & manuka honey to moisturise, your skin will feel softer after you wash than before.

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