Petite-appetite Ultra 1 90VC


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Support for;

Overall weight management
Appetite, cravings and hunger
Healthy metabolic rate
Fat metabolism
Enhanced energy endurance
Balanced blood sugar levels
Positive mood
Detoxification with superior antioxidant protection
Healthy portioning and snacking habits

Powerful 100% natural weight management formula that addresses weight management from all anglesPetite-appetite is a complete appetite and weight management supplement that helps supports appetite, cravings and hunger. Its powerful ingredients support fat metabolism, healthy metabolic rate, energy, positive mood, gentle detoxification processes plus antioxidant protection.

How does Petite-appetite work? Petite-appetite is a total appetite management system with 7 complete products in 1. Each scientifically proven ingredient is provided in an optimal amount as an effective dosage.
African Mango (Irvingia Gabonensis 12% protein) - Supports appetite, hunger, energy, sugar and carb cravings. Fat and sugar metabolism and insulin sensitivity.
Chromium Polynicotinate – Supports appetite, sugar and carb cravings, hunger, blood sugar balance, normal muscle growth, muscle to fat ratio.
Griffonia Simplicifolia (5HTP) – Supports positive mood, craving and appetite
Sceletium Tortuosum(World’s strongest standardized extract at 3% pure total alkaloids). Supports appetite, cravings, hunger and energy. Also called the ‘African Happy Plant’.
Guarana 22% Berry Extract – Supports mental and physical alertness, hunger, appetite, healthy weight and metabolic rate. Stimulates sustained thermogenesis over an extended period.
Piperine 40% Chavicine (Thermogenic Spice) – Supports metabolic rate, fat metabolism and positive mood. Improves absorption of nutrients. Phytonutrient and antioxidant rich.
Caffeine – Supports mental and physical alertness, hunger, appetite and metabolic rate
Vitamin E (d-alpha–Tocopherol) - Antioxidant

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