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What are TCJ – Kids Neem Products for Hair?

Everyday hair products to break the life cycle of head-lice. TCJ-Kids products use 100% Herbal Actives Neem and Quassia both known in nature for their ability to protect themselves from pests. The range contains Spray on Treatment (Leave-In Conditioner), Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Styling Paste and Spiral Tooth Nit Comb.
How Does TCJ-Kids Hair Care work?The idea behind the range is to make the issue of dealing with head-lice as simple and routine as possible taking away the stress and complication of convincing children to sit through the arduous process of conventional treatment. TCJ-Kids has taken products that families are already using and added the active ingredients, Neem and Quassia and removed harsh chemicals making the products highly effective and easy to use.


Everyday hair products to break the life cycle of head lice
Highly effective
Contains Neem and Quassia for prevention and treatment of head lice
No harsh chemicals
Leaves hair healthy, nourished and smelling great
Created to smell good instead of strong and medicinal
Extremely easy to use – no arduous processes conventional treatments require
Suitable for use on a regular or daily basis
Removes the anxiety involved in purchasing head-lice treatmentse
Economical, effective trigger spray with lock on treatment bottle
Tube for the paste to avoid dirty hands being placed in the product
Funky packaging – avoids having HEAD LICE and NITS written all over it. All these words are on an easily removed sticker. Avoids any embarrassment!

Directions of Use

Neem Shampoo
Directions of Use: We hair thoroughly, lather the Shampoo into the hair and massage into the scalp paying particular attention to the areas being the ears and the base of the head. Rinse hair well using warm water. Squeeze excess water out of hair and apply TCJ-Kids Neem conditioner
Neem Conditioner Using TCJ-Kids Neem Shampoo wash, lather and rinse hair. Squeeze any excess water out of the hair and apply TCJ-kids Neem Conditioner. Massage it into the scalp, paying particular attention to the areas behind the ears and at the base of the head. Leave on for at least 3 minutes. Rinse off using warm water. Avoid over rinsing as this will strip the product form the hair. For infestation use in conjunction with TCJ-Kids Leave-in conditioning Treatment.  
Neem Treatment/Leave-In Conditioner 150ml If using as a treatment, complete a thorough comb through using the TCJ-Kids Spiral Tooth Nit Comb. Spray on Treatment may also be used on a daily basis as a Leave-In Conditioner or De-Tangler. Neem Hair Styling Paste 100ml Squeeze a small amount into the palm of your hand. Lightly spread across the hands and rub through the hair. Creating the style of your choice. Repeat if required. 


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