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The Classic Nu-Me is our original design protective pendant. We introduced it fifteen years ago and it is still serving hundreds of thousands of customers faithfully – all around the world. 

Regular size (3.5cm dia. or 1.38") finished in silver with Swarovski crystals set in the face. Giving maximum protection these are great for both men and women but not suitable for children under 12. We recommend that if you have a health challenge or are electro sensitive that you wear this size or a Nu-Me Skinny. 
Compact size (2.5cm dia. or 1") finished in silver with Swarovski crystals set in the face. This size is ideal for the energy sensitive, men, women and children. They give full protection and are so easy to wear. 
The Classic Nu-Me and Skinny Nu-Me pendants  come with a waxed cotton cord with a silver or copper clasp but can be worn on any chain or choker.
Our Nu-Me technology has been extensively tested which means that you are getting the very best protective pendant available and our 30-day money back guarantee means that you can test it for yourself without any risk financially.
Worn centrally on the body Nu-Me pendants not only protects you from all forms of EMF and unbalanced energy that is destructive to your wellbeing and health, it will balance your own energy system keeping you calm, boosting your energy levels and aiding your immune system. The Scalar waves embedded in our Nu-Me pendants in the solfeggio healing frequencies make sure that you have the best possible chance for living your life at optimum levels. 

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