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Ashwagandha Oil:it is well-known for its rejuvenating and adaptogenic properties. It is effective in regulating hormones and the immune system, relieving stress, increasing energy levels and improving concentration. A Testosterone Booster

Testosterone is mainly a male hormone, although it is also present in women at lower levels and is responsible for the same important health benefits. Levels of testosterone typically reduce with age, but it can also be affected by life circumstances, such as chronic stress, at any age. Common signs of low testosterone include reduced sex drive, fatigue, erectile dysfunction, increased body fat, loss of muscle and bone mass, and mood changes.Ashwagandha has gained a solid reputation for boosting testosterone.

Studies have shown that supplementation with Ashwagandha in men led to a significant increase in testosterone levels, improved sperm quality, and higher antioxidant levels. In a recent study, overweight men aged 40-70, with mild fatigue, saw their levels of testosterone and DHEA (a testosterone precursor produced by the adrenal glands) significantly increase after taking an Ashwagandha supplement for 8 weeks.Reduces cortisol, a testosterone “stealer”Cortisol, a stress hormone, is physiologically released in response to stress. 

This becomes problematic when stress is persistent and cortisol levels become chronically elevated. Both cortisol and testosterone are made from the same precursor in the body, therefore, if there is a high demand for cortisol it will have a negative impact on testosterone production. This explains how stress can affect your libido, energy, weight gain, and mood, as these are all health benefits of optimal testosterone levels.

 The good news is that Ashwagandha can also reduce cortisol levels. A study showed that supplementation with the herb in chronically stressed adults significantly reduced their cortisol levels, compared to the control group. Improves muscle mass and strength Ashwagandha supplementation is also associated with an increase in muscle mass and strength. 

A clinical study with young men with little experience in resistance training, showed that taking Ashwagandha daily for a period of 8 weeks combined with resistance training resulted in a significant increase in muscle mass and strength, when compared to the control group.
In addition, subjects experienced less exercise-induced muscle damage, higher levels of testosterone and a greater decrease in body fat.

Titrate: Start small and increase. Ashwagandha Libido & Sports Performance is Broadspectrum, organic, and made in NZ.
Hemp Seed Oil
Ashwagandha  Herb
This is not a medicine. Consult with doctor if in doubt.
Store in cool place

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