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POP-IN-YOUR-POCKET for instant use.  Take a few drops before meals and feel the difference!
Kiwikitz™ Digestive Bitters - A combination of traditional time proven herbs designed to stimulate and increase the production of valuiable digestive juices in the pancreas, duodenum, stomach and the liver.
When digestive juices are increased, metabolism improves significantly resulting in better absorption of nutrients and the reduction of many common digestive complaints. Bitters have been traditionally used for weight management.
Contains- Gentian, ginger and chammomile
INCREASING secretion of valuable digestive juices
BLOATING & FLATULENCE reducing support
LIVER DETOX & WEIGHT MANAGEMENT action by stimulating sluggish liver function
PROMOTING  BILE production to assist metabolising fats and promoting gall bladder emptying
ABDOMINAL CRAMPS may be reduced with improved digestion
INDIGESTION may be reduced once overall digestive health improves
BOWEL HEALTH promotes better bowel function
BETTER DIGESTION equals better overall health, improvement of energy levels and general well being
Pop in your pocket or handbag and don't  leave home without one!
Caution- Those with gastric ulcers should not use this product
Contains alcohol
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