Green Fairy Wholy Multifunctional Hemp Oil - 100 ml



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Green Fairy Multi-functional Oil - Use safely on your skin, made from food grade oils safe to consume internally. Green Fairy is now Formulated using 3rd party NZ food grade verified Terpenes ensuring only top quality products are used lab COAs on Request. 

Hemp Seed Oil Terpene blend (full spectrum effect) is an Ayurvedic and Chinese Traditional Herbal Remedy used for thousands of years in recorded history and oral traditions, prepared in its strength for you, under the guidance of Ayurvedic Therapist, Guillermina Minicucci, EISRA: European Institute of Scientific Research on Ayurveda, Denhagg, Netherlands.Its a cultural Thing Indigenous to us all, our food For GOODNESS sake  

How to use Green fairy1) Shake the bottle vigorously to lift sediment from the bottom of the bottle, these are the phytonutrients.2) Day 1-5/ 3 drops 3 x daily    Day 4-6/ 6 drops 3 x daily    Day 7-9/ 8 drops 3 x daily*Continue increasing by 2 drops every 3 days until no Further improvement is found*Hold that level for 7-9 days*Slowly lower the drops until you find the same benefits using less* Think of it like starting a fire, small kindling first then build up the fire with more fuel, to much to soon and it will dampen the fire.

NOTE: You cannot overdose. Please let us know how you find Green fairy we welcome your review
Disclaimer:  Consult with your medical professional, Green Fairy is not a medical or approved prescription product we make NO medical claims , Green Fairy is not promoted as a CBD product, all terpenes used are not derived from Hemp but are other plant extracts (which are the same as found in Hemp)

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