Wakame & Mekabu Seaweed Powder 100g



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Wakame & Mekabu

Organic Wakame & Mekabu Seaweed Powder

Key Benefits:

  • Immune system
  • Joint Health
  • Anti-aging

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Wakame and Mekabu are the stem and leaves of Undaria seaweed, which is treasured more than any other type of seaweed for its unique phytonutrients. These sea vegetables produce chemicals called fucoidans and alginates to protect them from their harsh marine environemnt. This rich source of fucoidans and antioxidants have anti-ageing and immune-protecting properties.

Sourced from the pristine, contaminant-free, clean waters of Tasmania in Australia, Matakana SuperFoods Organic Wakame & Mekabu Seaweed Powder is produced from a strict organic, eco-friendly and sustainable chain from hand-harvest to manufacture.

Ingredients: Organic Wakame and Mekabu powders (Undaria pinnatifida). No preservatives or additives.

Serving Suggestion: Add to your smoothies and green drinks or add to soup towards the end of cooking.

Wakame Mekabu NIP

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