NZ Native Plant Remedy - Kawakawa - Kidney,Blood,Cleanse,Aches and Pains - 100ml bottle


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Kawakawa Specific Herbal Actions - bitter tonic (stimulates salivary glands, liver, pancreas & stomach & improves overal wellbeing), anthelminitic (kills or removes worms), depurative (used to be called Alterative - blood purifier, substance that help detox & eliminate metabolic waste), aphrodisiac (stimulates sexual arousal) bitter tonic useful for digestive complaints powerful blood cleanser & detoxing agent all skin conditions including boils & skin eruptions - externally and internal
  • powerful natural blood cleanser & natural herbal detoxing agent
  • all skin conditions including boils & skin eruptions - externally and internally
  • rheumatic pain & joint mobility conditions - externally & internally
  • reducing infection and fungal conditions
  • bitter tonic useful for digestive complaints
  • stimulates the salivary glands therefore valuabled for toothache
  • externally used fresh leaf poultice or as liquid put directly on skin
  • infusions in bath for detoxing
  • bitter root used for urinary complaints
  • bruises
  • leaf & bark for cuts and wounds
  • leaves used with steam for inhalation to stimulate kidneys, salivary glands and believed to be an aphrodisiac
  • fruit & seeds were used for diuretic purposes

Kawakawa Rongoa is time proven and has been used traditionally by Maori and new settlers alike for the above issues especially using kawakawa for boils and infection generally.

Kiwikitz™ Kawakawa NZ Native Herbal is in the concentrated form of a herbal extract made from the fresh leaves of the Kawakawa plant.

Pregnant & lactating woman should avoid herbals and supplementation unless specifically prescribed by a Herbalist, Homeobotanical Therapist or Natural Medicine Practitioner

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