Supergreens Ultra Biome - takes “green drink” to the next level



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Supergreens Ultra Biome takes “green drink” to the next level

Along with a combination of nutrient-rich superfoods, the patented spore-forming probiotic, Bacillus subtilis DE111 has been included as a hero ingredient in our Supergreens Ultra Biome. This probiotic strain is clinically researched to reduce LDL/total cholesterol and support digestive health in children and adults.
Bacillus subtilis is biologically designed to survive digestion thanks to its ability to form an endospore (a tough outer shell), which protects it from heat and gut acidity.
Research has shown that spore-forming probiotics have a better chance of survival and colonization than many non-spore forming probiotics available on the market.
Blended with:
South Island NZ barley and wheat leaf
Broccoli sprout
Premium Japanese Matcha
Camu Camu
Fucoidan rich South Pacific Undaria seaweed
Mangosteen rind

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