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Kiwikitz™ Circulation Cream is recommended for the above issues and contains the following ingredients:

Avocado Oil - Natural source of Vitamin B6 (assists formation of blood cells)

Cayenne - Constituents: capsaicin (potent pain relief agent); flavanoids (antioxidants, known to reduce inflammation, strengthen blood vessel walls and support better blood flow); Vitamin C (strengthens capillaries and cell walls and assists in production of haemoglobin in red blood cells). Widely used for post shingle pain or general nerve pain

Turmeric - Grown in Indonesia and India Turmeric is a favourite Ayurvedic herb used in many Kiwikitz products and prized for its cleansing and antioxidant properties. Beneficial effect on liver, gall bladder (stimulates bile to help fat digestion) & helps protect the liver from the effects of pharmaceutical drug medications. Valued by the Chinese to stimulate menstruation and used traditionally to keep food fresh (antioxidant properties) - also shown in a laboratory setting to fight protozoan which would make this an excellent remedy for dysentery. Turmeric is being investigated for its ability in protecting the heart and in preventing blood clots that may cause strokes and heart attacks.

Witch Hazel & Vitamin E - widely used for inflamed and irritated skin conditions

Kiwikitz™ Creams and Balms contain Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E to enhance the natural healing process, plus natural oils and water.  Kiwikitz use GE free ingredients and creams and balms contain none of the nasty additives commonly found in many commercial or 'natural' creams.

Avoid using on broken skin.

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