Colloidal Plant Minerals - Liquid, 250ml


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Mineral deficiencies are more prevalent than vitamin deficiencies as food contains vitamins but not necessarily enough minerals and trace minerals to ensure optimum health. Even if we believe we are eating a balanced diet, mineral and trace mineral deficiencies are likely due to soil depletion, over processing of food and in some cases, acid rain.

Why has Kiwikitz Colloidal Plant Minerals been retailed for many years as a daily foundation supplement - Kiwikitz colloidal plant minerals supply the 7 essential macronutrients which include calcium and magnesium and essential micronutrients which include selenium - a trace mineral known to be extremely low in the NZ diet

Kiwikitz™ Natural Colloidal Mineral liquid concentrate - Perfect natural plant combination of all essential minerals including chromium (blood), zinc, (eyes and skin), copper (reduces cholesterol) in easily absorbed form.Ingredients: Organic Derived 65 Bio-Available Macro And Trace Minerals 

Minerals are the key to life.

Minerals are the message carriers.Minerals are the muscle toners.Minerals govern the alkaline/acid balance of the body and hormone production.Minerals are the catalysts for vitamins and enzymes to do their work. Minerals have a role to play in a multitude of physiological and biochemical processes needed to maintain health

What is the difference between minerals? - Plant derived colloidal minerals are found to be 98% biologically available to the human body as apposed to inorganic metallic minerals such as calcium, derived from ground up oyster shell which becomes 8-12% biologically available to humans in the digestive process.

Colloidal plant minerals have been tested and proven over a period of time (refer to Dr Joel Wallach's ‘Dead Doctors don't lie'). The plant minerals recommended by Dr Joel Wallach became the colloidal mineral of choice for Kiwikitz. These high concentrated colloidal plant minerals are supplied in 250ml and 500ml glass bottles.

Note: If taking Warfarin, the minerals iron, magnesium and zinc may bind to and decrease absorptin of this drug, so we recommend taking any mineral supplement at least 2 hours apart from the Warfarin. Kiwikitz products are designed to support and not a replacement for prescribed medication. Supplements, herbals & rongoa should be avoided by pregnant and breastfeeding mums unless recommended by your health professional. Take supplements & herbals at a different time from medication. Take as directed and if symptoms persist see your health professional.

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