Multi Enzyme Digestive and Bowel Cleanse, 60 caps



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Kiwikitz™ Multi-Digestive Enzymes contain:

Papain is an important enzyme extracted from mature green pawpaw which has powerful proteolytic action stronger than pepsin. Digests protein thoroughly, which frees the amino acids for rapid absorption. Papain facilitates the eradication of threadworms & roundworms (Dr H. Vogel)

Kiwifruit an excellent source of Vitamin C, Potassium and the powerful protein digestive enzyme Actinidin, which is also an efficient meat tenderizer

Bromelain inhibits or modulates release of inflammatory prostaglandins (PGE2). Found in pineapple.

To preserve valuable enzyme production and avoid diluting enzymes produced in the saliva, Kiwikitz recommend not drinking with meals or directly following meals.

Enzymes fight Cancer by exposing antigens on the surface of cancer cells natural killer cells recognize & destroy them (Maureen Kennedy Salaman)

Vital digestive enzymes aid digestion and assimilation of nutrients from food.
Life cannot exist with out enzymes as they are required for every chemical reaction that takes place in our body. Vitamins & Minerals cannot do their work without enzymes. and hormones cannot regulate body processes. Enzymes build our body from carbohydrates, fats and protein and are lost through processing & cooking food.

Digestive enzyme function is to digest carbohydrate (amylase), fat (lipase) & protein (protease)
Supplementing with digestive enzymes eases the strain on the body's production of metabolic enzyme need (enzyme potential).

Exhaustion of our enzyme potential weakens our life. When the pancreas has to process extra enzymes, it gets larger. Radiation of food destroys food enzymes. Vitamins, as coenzymes, work with enzymes in every chemical reaction in each cell of our body. Supplementing with digestive enzymes may minimize stress on the body. Enzymes assist in extracting chelated minerals from our food.

Note: Use with caution if taking Warfarin as the enzymes bromelain and papain may reduce the effectiveness of the drug Warfarin.

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