Harmony Hormone Balance and Natural Progesterone Cream


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Kiwikitz™ Harmony - Hormonal & Menopause Balance Support Cream has a natural cream base free of parabins, sulphates and other nasties and is recommended for the above issues.

Chaste Tree and Wild Yam are traditionally used in relieving premenstrual tension, pre menopausal tension, hot flushes and hormonal balancing. These herbal extracts are progesterone precursors, which may assist and support in the balancing of the endocrine system, so progesterone and estrogen occur in correct levels. These herbals may assist those who experience food cravings during hormonal changes. Chaste Tree is a glandular system herb that may reduce fluid retention.

Motherwort has been included because of its traditional uses during menopause and as a mild tranquillizer; to assist in promoting better sleep patterns and to aid in reducing anxiety and stress levels associated with hormonal imbalance.

Black Cohosh a bitter tonic recommended for painful periods and pre-menstrual tension. In Germany where herbal healing has always been mainstream, this herbal extract is a key ingredient prescribed for the discomforts of menopause.

Apply cream (1/2 tsp.) to soft parts of the body i.e. inner thigh, breasts or stomach, twice daily as directed on the pottle

What to expect? Some people experience little change for one or two months, then symptoms may begin reducing. Other people may experience a significant difference within 30 days, especially in terms of pre menopausal stress and anxiety, with hot flushes becoming less frequent over time. For problems associated with bloating, Kiwikitz Multi-digestives are recommended. For pain and stress associated with menstruation, include Kiwikitz Magnesium with Quercetin.Kiwikitz Evening Primrose & Flaxseed Capsules (Omega's) are recommended in conjunction with this cream if symptoms are severe, excessive bleeding or to enhance the process.

Kiwikitz Magnesium, Calcium, Manganese & Quercetin capsules are recommended in conjunction with this cream if experiencing cramping.

*Not to be taken by pregnant or lactating women
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