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Our original natural herbal stress drops are so easy to use.  Just pop in your pocket or handbag and take as needed.   Contains Chamomile, Nettle, Passionflower, Skullcap & Liquorice

Emotional support
Soothing, calming herbal action
Aiding relaxation when stressed
Mental or emotional exhaustion
Feeling overwhelmed
Adrenal tonic
Feeling 'strung-out'
An Instant-use stress remedy
Feeling fearful or panicky
During a grief process
Winding down support
While doing exams
Public speaking anxiety

"D-Stress Drops - I don't leave home without them... instantly calming and great if you are having a restless night. Also they taste yummy!"   Carry around in your pocket or handbag...For that immediate support when experiencing stress, anxiety or when feeling overwhelmed or emotional.  Kiwikitz™ D-Sress instant drops may be helpful when undergoing a grief process and can be put under the tongue at the onset of fear or while experiencing a panic attack. These concentrated herbal drops are recommended before travel if fearful of flying, before public speaking as a relaxation aid and any time stress levels are heightened, muscles are tensed and endurance levels are depleted. 

The synergistic properties chosen for this blend include:

Chamomile - soothing/calming

Nettle - tonic/vitamin & mineral rich supporting emotional stability

Passionflower - quietening effect on the nervous system/relaxant

Skullcap - relaxing nervous tension/mental & emotional exhaustion & as an adrenal tonic

Liquorice - specific for adrenal depletion and physical stress

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