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Excessive free radical scavenging puts a greater demand on our body to protect ourselves with antioxidant rich foods and bioflavonoids such as quercetin. Stress, injury and toxins create a greater demand on the body for antioxidants, magnesium, calcium and manganese. N.Z. Soils are shown to be deficient in many valuable minerals, particularly magnesium. This impacts on our food chain and can lead to mineral deficient related disorders.

Magnesium - helps hold Calcium in our bones & forms tooth enamel. Assists in regulating bone growth in children & in controlling adult cholesterol levels, helps maintain alkaline/acid balance in the body

Calcium - builds and maintains bone structure, assists in blood clotting, provides vitality, maintains endurance, increases disease resistance. The combination of Calcium & Magnesium are vital for correct nerve & muscle action, and can assist the body in relaxation and sleep, and are natural tranquillizers.

Manganese - assists our body in manufacturing insulin to regulate blood sugar levels, helps in the process of utilizing goodness from our foods and is important for the brain & nervous system.

Quercetin - is found in yellow and red onions and has been shown in studies to act as an effective natural anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine (Robert Atkins M.D.). Being a bioflavonoid, it has the ability to protect Vitamin C from being broken down too quickly in the body. Quercetin inhibits the release of histamine (inflammatory chemical). Research indicates Quercetin may be effective for general fluid retention and Lymphoedema.

Finish studies demonstrate a reduced risk of developing heart disease or stroke when a diet is high in magnesium and flavonoids, particularly quercetin.

Note: The minerals iron, zinc and magnesium, may bind Warfarin and decrease its absorption. For this reason we suggest taking this supplement at least 2 hours apart from the drug Warfarin.

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