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Ben Warrens new Multi Vitamin has practically every individual vitamin, mineral and antioxidant you need to keep healthy in ONE bottle.

Imagine how much money you are going to save, not having to buy all those different supplements anymore and how much easier it is going to be just taking the one supplement.

Ben has been trusted in the past to provide the right nutritional information to help lose weight and move towards incredible health.

This is simply the best nutritional supplement on the market and Ben knows it will be New Zealand's #1 within a very short time.

Bens team have been working for over a year to develop the ideal multivitamin -- and the best manufacturer to produce it.
Each dose is chock-full of essential vitamins, minerals and ever-important antioxidants*. Everything you expect in a good multivitamin is there, plus everything you'd expect from Ben Warren's BePure Health Revolution – Whole food Organic Green's Base (organic broccoli, organic, spinach, organic collard greens, organic cabbage). Free of ALL major potential allergens, and absolutely FREE of ANY additives.

Unlike many of those other multivitamins you see being sold everywhere, Bens Whole Food Base is made from raw foods.

That makes them as close to natural as Ben could get, meaning that they are more readily absorbed and used by your body*.

To get an equal amount of nutrients and antioxidants from your diet, you'd need to eat a boatload of fruit and vegetables. But Ben doesn't recommend it. In his opinion, eating too many carbohydrates for you metabolic type can lead to blood sugar concerns and increased weight gain.


The problem with synthetic supplements is that your body will only absorb a very small part of the vitamins and minerals and the rest ends up being flushed down the toilet.

Don't make the mistake of shopping for supplements at supermarkets and discount supplement businesses. In my opinion, these are good examples of companies that primarily use cheap synthetic supplements and are mainly interested in your money not your health

With BePure ONE you only need to look at the ingredients to know you are dealing with a Wholefood based multi vitamin/mineral with the best most stable ingredients you can find. That's why Bens BePure One is in an ORGANIC BASE of super greens – and Ben is really keen on greens!

Generally you get what you pay for and Multivitamins that are cheap probably have poor quality materials and are not going to do you a lot of good. How would you feel about your supplements if in fact the raw materials used are not fully certified and tested and are in fact cheap alternatives which no matter how many you take will not give you great results. Unfortunately this is the case many times with cheaper Multivitamins.

Not only does BePure ONE have an incredibly ingredient list, the quality of the ingredients is unsurpassed…

BePure ONE is manufactured from the very best raw materials Ben can find anywhere in the world. The vitamins come from DSM in Switzerland, the minerals are from Albion Minerals in USA, the amino acids are from Japan, and specialised nutrients come from manufacturers in Italy, Germany and other countries. Ask your supplement manufacturer where their raw materials are from. They should be able to tell you enthusiastically and with certainty. The trouble is you might not like the answer they give…. It's often China!

Not only does BePure ONE contain the best quality ingredients, they are combined by one of the top supplement manufacturers in the world…. Douglas Laboratories - USA

Douglas Laboratories is one of only 4 laboratories in the world to receive 5 stars for their manufacturing practices. The independent research firm, NutriSearch Corporation, issued this top award to the lab in its Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements after evaluating over 1500 products and manufacturers.

But how can you be sure your Multi Vitamin is a genuine quality multivitamin that has the best ingredients that really do make a difference in your life....the manufacturer needs to have the following standards and certifications like Douglas Labs:

1 Consistently in the top three manufacturers in the world
2 GMPs for nutritional supplements in accordance with USP
3 NSF International has GMP Registered Douglas Laboratories manufacturing facility
4 ISO 9001 certification of in-house laboratories performing Chemical, Physical, and Microbial testing
5 ISO 17025 accreditation of in-house laboratories
6 Veri-Match electronic label match to formula system to ensure content accuracy
7 VCP (Vendor Certification Program) to ensure raw material quality
8 FDA Audit Compliant
9 Approved facility to produce Organic Certified products

With BePure ONE you can rest assured that you are actually getting what the bottle says!


Ben not only found the best supplement manufacturer in the world and sourced the best ingredients from them but he wanted to go one better to balance the mineral levels of New Zealanders.

Perhaps you wonder why certain minerals are so important, and why you need to supplement your daily intake of them...

Each mineral plays an important role in maintaining your normal bodily functions, repairing cellular and tissue damage, and maintaining your optimal wellness.*

Many cheaper supplements put raw minerals in their supplements that have very low bioavailability. It's not uncommon to see zinc oxide or iron oxide (rust) – these have an absorption rate of 2% (providing you've got beneficial bacteria levels in your gut). Whereas in BePure ONE Ben has only used the most bio-available forms of minerals.*

Ben has added extra of the following to BePure ONE especially for New Zealanders needs…

IODINE – Vital for fat loss, whole body deficiency is associated with increased breast cancer risk, helps control thyroid and as such affects cholesterol, bowel movements, body temperature and body fat loss.* BePure ONE has natural iodine from kelp.

BORON – Activates vitamin D and therefore has a role in guarding against osteoporosis, improves energy utilization, improves immune system. Deficiency associated with arthritis, lowered sex drive for men and poor cognition.* BePure ONE has Boron aspartate/citrate for increased absorption.

ZINC – Activates over 200 enzymes in the body and therefore can effect most things in the body. Very important to the immune system as New Zealand sheep farmers know –You can reduce facial eczema in sheep by supplementing Zinc. . Ben has found one third of New Zealanders to be deficient in Zinc based on testing of over 2000 people.* BePure ONE has chelated Zinc for increased absorbtion.

SELENIUM – Antioxidant, anti-tumeric (cancer) effects, helps recycle vitamins C and E, improves cholesterol ratios. Blood selenium in New Zealand is 1.1 we know that to protect against cancers (particularly prostate) they need to be above 1.6. BePure ONE has extra selenium as krebs complex for maximum absorption.

MANGANESE – Antioxidant properties, enzyme activator for energy, bone and ligament formation, enhances smooth muscle relaxation, hormone production. Approximately 40% of the population is at risk from being manganese deficient (Henry Osiecki – The Nutrient Bible).* BePure ONE has Manganese as Manganese Aspartate for optimal absorption.

CHROMIUM -- Important for your ability to metabolize fats and carbohydrates. Chromium stimulates fatty acid and cholesterol synthesis, which are important for your brain function and other body processes. It is an activator of several enzymes, which are needed to drive numerous chemical reactions necessary to life. Chromium is also important in insulin metabolism.* BePure ONE has organically bound Chromium for low allergenicy and better absorption.

VANADIUM – Regulation of enzymes, normalises blood sugar levels and mimics insulin , therefore plays a large role in diabetes. BePure ONE has Vanadium krebs for better absorption.*

TRACE ELEMENTS, BePure ONE has trace elements from sea vegetation - Natures best source of trace elements to ensure you are getting all you need in a natural highly bio-available form.*


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