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People often ask me – if you were really sick which of the SuperFoods would you take to support your recovery? My answer is usually that it depends what’s going on in your body. Each of the SuperFoods have unique properties that support our immune system and health in different ways. One of those special foods we have been investigating for some time is a unique component part of seaweed called Fucoidan.  Fucoidan is the long chain polysaccharide component of several species of seaweed and is thought to protect the seaweed from damage in the marine environment.

Scientists studying fucoidan have found that populations who eat high quantities of the seaweed species with fucoidan seem to  have some advantages in their immune systems. It seems that consuming a diet rich in fucoidan increases the number of circulating blood stem cells which replenish tissues and organs in our body. In addition, these populations have better T-Cell function in their immune systems. T-Cells are like the special forces of our immune system - they hunt down viruses, bacteria and rogue cancer cells and kill them. Some of the Australian research in Tasmania has also looked at the effect a diet rich in fucoidan has on skin function and found that fucoidan supports the immune system to inhibit ageing related glycation processes and protect skin matrix molecules from breakdown by UV-induced enzyme activity.

Most of the initial interest in seaweed based food originated from studies of the people of the Okinawan island of Japan. Researchers found that the Okinawans had the highest consumption of fucoidan in their diet and that this along with other social and lifestyle factors may be responsible for Okinawa having an unusually high number of its inhabitants living well past 100 years. In addition, the older population generally was more mobile and self-reliant. Scientists have known for some time that the fucoidans in the Okinawan diet were important for health, the problem was to get other populations in the west to consume the large quantities of seaweed that is consumed by the Okinawans on a daily basis.

Another problem for scientists was that the fucoidan was difficult to extract from seaweed without the use of solvents which end up degrading the quality and properties of fucoidan. Until recently this had been a major stumbling block – and then an Australian company in Tasmania came up with a patented system to extract fucoidan from seaweed using water based technology that was so efficient and clean that they have managed to extract the higest quality fucoidans from seaweed and also gain full organic registration for the process. The special seaweed varieties are harvested sustainably in the most pristine and isolated regions of the pacific and the the fucoiden is extracted to a concentrated powder form that can be easily included in your diet.

Matakana SuperFoods are proud to be part of the first release of organically certified Fucoidan. The Fucoidan powder comes in a 30g pouch. Enough for a 120day (3month) supply. The daily recommended dose is 250mg (1/10th of a teaspoon per day) which can be blended in with your green drink or smoothie.

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