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Why Superfoods?

Superfoods have super quantities of phytochemicals and bioactive substances that we rely on for our very existence. With decades of diminishing food quality confronting us and an epidemic of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, inflammation, allergy, lethargy and cancer - it's no wonder science is looking hard for the holy grail of foods - the Superfoods - those that give us the biggest bang for our buck and help protect us from a world which has become more than a little toxic for our bodies to cope with.

From formaldehyde and benzene fumes emanating from adhesives in particle board, to scotch guarding in our carpet and dry cleaning, volatile organic compounds are everywhere - even in our paint and furnishings. The human body has to put up with quite a toxic cocktail within the environment we have chosen to live compared to our ancestors. All of the VOCs we have surrounded ourselves with for the sake of convenience, comfort and creativity have come back to haunt us with another C word - cancer. Volatile organic compounds and other oxidizing substances in our food and automated environment are degrading our health and it's becoming harder and harder to avoid them. So, it's no wonder we have been told time and again to make sure we eat a good cross-section of fruit and vegetables - organic where possible - as just about all fruit and vegies contain those little substances which clean up oxidizing substances in our bodies and protect our cells from the damage caused by our modern environment. They are called antioxidants and some foods have them in enormous quantities - they are called Superfoods.

Among the first Superfoods to be recognized were apricots with an ORAC (Just think of the ORAC value as the "cut and polish" power to keep your cells clean!)

Score of 1100 u mol/100g, broccoli with 2500 u mol/100g, and the humble blueberry with 5000 u mol/100g. The hunt for Superfoods then really kicked in with Goji berry (25,000u mol/100g) followed by Acai (35,000u mol/100g) - The current "King of Superfoods" the Maqui berry has (95,000u mol/100g) which means that the Maqui berry has 100 times more powerful antioxidants than an apricot for cleaning up oxidative substances in your cells that are responsible for so many health problems in society today. That's why Maqui has been recently named the Ultimate Super Fruit. As well as antioxidants most of these Superfoods also contain vitamins and minerals, bioactive substances and phytochemicals - the mounting evidence is that these natural substances provide enormous natural support for our general health. The movement toward super-nutrient foods has already led to followers cutting down on expensive man made vitamin formulations which do not have the synergistic advantage of whole foods. This is a phenomenon where complex nutrients within whole foods aid and complement one another so our body gets better absorption and the power of group-nutrient interaction.


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