How Men Over 50 Are Enjoying Renewed Confidence in the Bedroom — and You Can Too

How Men Over 50 Are Enjoying Renewed Confidence in the Bedroom — and You Can Too

Maintaining sexual desire — and acting on it — is vital to overall health, happiness and wellness. And according to leading experts, it's among the best ways for men and their partners to stay young together for the rest of their lives.

Of course, much has been done in recent years to help men stay sexually active. Many men take erectile dysfunction (ED) or replacement drugs to perform better in the bedroom, but more and more of them are discovering that these drugs aren't always what they're cracked up to be.

ED drugs, for example, do nothing to boost your actual sex drive. Without that rising tide of desire for your lover, your erection simply isn't going to happen — drugs or no drugs. For that, you must fuel your , and that means reversing the testosterone drop-off that every man experiences in middle age.

However, that certainly doesn't mean you should jump at the testosterone-replacement drugs that Big Pharma is selling with all of their annoying, and often-dangerous side effects.

Instead, you can raise your free testosterone levels yourself, and that alone will help you mount a comeback in the bedroom. In fact, you'll kick off an amazing new chapter altogether because healthier "T" levels will increase your daily energy, uplift your mood, renew your stamina and virility and even promote better sleep at night. Sound good? Then let me explain…

What Drug Companies Aren't Telling You About "Low T"

I'm sure you've heard plenty about — "low T" — especially now that the airwaves are flooded with ads for "T" replacement drugs. But you deserve more background than you're getting.

Testosterone is produced by Leydig cells, which are located in your testicles. Starting at puberty, these cells worked tirelessly to pump testosterone into your system at levels that keep you strong, muscular and constantly ready for sex.

Unfortunately, between the ages of 40 and 70, the average male loses nearly 60% of his testosterone levels due to the deterioration of Leydig cells.

Even at that, you would still have enough to keep your libido and ability to perform intact, but nature has another cruel twist that renders most of your remaining "T" useless.

You see, by the time you turn 60, only about 2% of your testosterone is "free" and able to work its virility-boosting magic. The rest — some 98% — is made inactive by Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG). SHBG binds to testosterone, which makes it non-usable in the body.

Combine the age-related testosterone drop-off with the effects of SHBG, and it's inevitable that you'll experience flagging desire and weaker erections. You might even start thinking you're "too old" for the exciting sex you used to enjoy, and no wonder because… 98% of your testosterone has checked out of the bedroom!

Naturally, Big Pharma's solution is to dump loads of synthetic testosterone into your bloodstream via injections, gels and pills. It's easy to see why most men might balk at this strategy. Hormones are tricky things and manipulating your system in this manner can create all kinds of unintended consequences.

The good news is that there's a natural way to…

"Free Up" Your Own Testosterone — and a Lot of It

If you could reduce SHBG and inhibit its binding effects on testosterone, you'd raise your own active testosterone levels just like that. And recently, scientists uncovered a natural solution that does the job and does it well called tongkat ali. The root of this shrub has been used for centuries to enhance virility, and gold standard clinical studies prove that it really works.

A 2012 study of late-onset hypogonadism (adverse sexual symptoms caused by testosterone loss) found that tongkat ali significantly improved scores on the Aging Males' Symptom scale (AMS), an international assessment tool used in screening for low-testosterone. Even more impressive is the way it increased serum testosterone concentrations. The percentage of men with normal "T" levels rose from 35.5% to an amazing 90.8% in just 4 weeks![1] That's simply incredible!

A second study of andropause (often called "male menopause") reported equally dramatic improvements in older-male sexual performance and satisfaction. After three weeks of 100 mg tongkat ali daily…

  • 73% reported improvement in their sexual performance
  • 82% stated improvement in their psychological well-being and confidence
  • 91% of the men reported improvement in the overall quality of their sex life
When scientists looked at the blood work, they found that libido-draining SHBG levels decreased in 66% of the men, while the Free Testosterone Index rose for 73% of the participants.[2] These clinically verified changes certainly explain the improved sex results and the enhanced physical and psychological effects.

But remarkable tongkat ali is not the only solution that works to increase your free testosterone levels.

Another Healing Herb That Neutralizes Libido-Draining SHBG

You may already be familiar with nettle root because of its known ability to ease a swollen prostate.[3] Now scientists are excited about its impact on male virility, too.

As I explained earlier, SHBG inactivates your "free T" by binding to it. Nettle root does the same thing to SHBG. It contains lignans that bind with SHBG and make it unable to affect testosterone.[4] In fact, it includes the lignan with the highest SHBG-binding affinity of all.[5]

Indeed, SHBG binds more readily to nettle root than to testosterone. In effect, it works like a downfield blocker taking SHBG out of the game so that more of your active "T" can roam the field. Your "free T" levels will increase, and the extra support for your prostate health is a great added benefit.

Consider This Little-Known Free Testosterone Booster From India

Fenugreek is a popular herb in India where it has been traditionally used to enhance male libido and masculinity. Once again, modern science shows that generations of natural healers have been on to something good all along.

One recent study of men taking fenugreek found that participants experienced improvement in sexual arousal and strength of orgasm.[6] Another study found it helped men increase free testosterone levels compared with the placebo group.[7] And yet a third study reported an increase in bioavailable "T" among men taking fenugreek over an 8-week span.[8]

Science has shown how tongkat ali, nettle root and fenugreek help boost your "free T" levels, and that adds up to greater sexual desire and confidence. So now let's look at ways you can help the actual mechanics of sex.

Stronger Erections Without a Prescription

A potent herb called epimedium, also known as horny goat weed, has been used to boost male potency for hundreds of years. Its power lies in its ability to block an enzyme called PDE-5.[9] Believe me, PDE-5 is no friend to the middle-aged man. By blocking PDE-5, epimedium helps restore your ability to perform in the bedroom. Other studies indicate that epimedium may also increase blood levels of nitric oxide,[10] which helps blood vessels dilate, which allows the penis to become more readily and fully engorged.

So if you're worried about weak performance, then a PDE-5-inhibiting, nitric oxide booster like epimedium is just what the doctor ordered (except you don't need a doctor or a prescription to get it).


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