FLEAS & INTESTINAL WORMS for pets - 50ml bottle


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Kiwikitz™ Fleas & Intestinal Worm drops for pets - 50ml Bottle. 

Although your pet dog or cat may show no obvious signs of internal parasite
infestation, the following list of symptoms may indicate possible
parasite infestation:

*Bloating or distended stomach




*Poor appetite 

*Nasal discharge 



*Skin & Ear Itch 

Parasite infestation may impair absorption of nutrients from food. Different
parasites create specific problems for example; a tapeworm can stop
Vitamin B12 from being absorbed in the intestines. Others may cause
problems with the cilia that in turn may interfere with nutrient
absorption such as the valuable B Vitamin group. This blend has
depurative and anti-parasitic action and contains the following

NZ Native Kawakawa

Kawakawa helps the body detox waste products that have been built up in the
body; has gentle diuretic action to enable better kidney function and
has anthelmintic action (helps expel intestinal worms. Traditionally,
Kawakawa is used as a tonic for digestive complaints, is a mild
antiseptic and a powerful blood cleanser for skin ailments, including
boils and any skin eruptions. 

Black Walnut

The green hulls are prepared in the form of a herbal extract. Black
Walnut has a long history in herbal medicine as a specific for
treating intestinal worms including common round worms and pinworms.
Black Walnut is also indicated for resistant skin conditions. Black
walnut is a valuable addition to this natural worming remedy and
provides nutritional value including natural iodine, chromium
(valuable in assisting reduction of high blood sugar levels) and
astringent tannins. Black walnut has antiseptic properties and has
been traditionally valued when used for ringworm and varied skin

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