Don's Story - from crippled with Arthritis to fully recovered



My name is Don Paterson and this is my story. It took a lot of time and commitment to achieve. Not everyone will experience these results. A wide range of treatments was used. Today’s recommendations are based on experience gained and are made with a sincere desire to help those affected by poor health. I no longer have that condition with the help of natural forms of therapy, with strict adherence to health promoting diet and exercise and with the avoidance of drug medication. Here follows my story.

As an otherwise fit and healthy child, I was puzzled by slight bending of my fingers and enlarged finger joints. Degeneration of my body had become very noticeable to me as a 26-year-old man. December 1987 saw symptoms of arthritis starting in the ball joint of my big toe on my left foot. Pain progressed gradually through both feet, the region of my Achilles tendons, the back of my legs and behind my knees. My condition continued to deteriorate with increasing inflammation of my feet, immobilized shoulders and wide spreading pain in most of my body parts.

By October 1988, I had become totally crippled and unable to move at all without significant pain. I lost the ability to control my bladder and was unable to stand or to sleep due to wide spreading pain. I was subsequently hospitalized for 7 weeks. My condition at that time was described by Doctor Orpin of Northern Base Hospital, Whangarei as psoriatic, sero-negative, aggressive, poly-arthritis.
Dr. Orpin did tell me at that time that I would never walk again and that I should stop fighting and accept it. Some months later, Dr. Neil Graham of Tauranga Hospital told me that if I did not accept the drug medication that he was offering me, then I stood to lose both of my feet. X-rays showed the bones in my feet being eaten away. My feet were also becoming contorted, necessitating that I wear braces to bed.

Friends introduced me to a complete change of diet from one that I thought was normal and good for me, to a seemingly uninteresting vegetarian diet. Having been forced to be interested in the effects of diet upon one’s health, I researched the subject by reading “The Health Revolution, Third Edition” by Ross Horne ISBN 0-959-4423-6-7. I gained much insight from this book as to the dietary causes of the varying symptoms of degenerative disease. I began to avoid sugar, red meat, fat and other acid forming foods as though my life depended upon it. Although this advice was very helpful initially, I am now cautious of recommending such a strict dietary regime. Further research and case studies do indicate that I should now eat everything in moderation. I ate rice instead of wheat and began to respect words like: – fresh, ripe, raw, unrefined, organically grown and natural.
I read “You Can Heal Your Life’ by Louise Hay ISBN 9780937611012  and I learnt of the thought patterns that are causative of and that were contributing to my disease condition. I learnt to reprogram my subconscious mind with health promoting thoughts and affirmations.

I read “The Golden Seven Plus One” by C. Samuel-West 400P8201811207.. I learnt of the physical cause of my condition at a cellular level and how I could reverse that degeneration by lymphasizing (also known as a Lymphaciser or Lymphacizer). I regularly did considerable amounts of exercise on a lymphasizer and as my condition improved, I began walking and eventually running, both on and off the lymphasizer.

I found lymphasizing to be the most beneficial form of physical exercise. I experimented by stopping lymphasizing for some time during the period of my recovery and arthritis began to return. I believe that we could all benefit our health and longevity significantly by Lymphasizing every day.
I supplemented with 3000mg per day of Ester C for 5 days per week. This necessitated significantly increasing my water intake to flush my kidneys. If my kidneys ached, I drank more water to flush them and decreased my Vitamin C intake and my consumption of garlic. If DONZ NATURAL OPC™ Super anti-oxidant and New Zealand produced Kiwikitz™ natural health products had been available to me, I would have used them as an important part of my program. I now recommend them and consistently receive ongoing positive feedback.

I was introduced to a Tauranga Colour Therapist of thirty years standing. My condition was diagnosed and treated on a regular basis with frequency. I am told that this frequency treatment is available in Russian hospitals. I also observed my dog that had been diagnosed as being crippled with arthritis and needing to be put down, by Mr Tony Parsons of the Tokoroa Veterinary Clinic, re-diagnosed and treated by the Colour Therapist. The dog appeared to have experienced a complete recovery and enjoyed a further 4 years of mobility without any obvious pain until dying a natural death at the age of 12 years.

I took apple cider vinegar, safflower oil and honey. I received homeopathic treatment, dietary advice and muscle testing which identified some foods in my diet which I was allergic to at that time. These foods were temporarily eliminated from my diet but these food allergies have now disappeared.
I did experience some pain relief from saunas. Naturopaths identified by iridology a mucus lining of my intestines and treated me for it. They also administered Bach Flower remedies.
I insisted upon eating an organically grown vegetarian diet and drinking purified water, so reducing my toxin intake as much as was possible and minimizing the level of uric acid in my bloodstream. I employed osteopathy and was introduced to eating weeds for their superior nutritive qualities. In hindsight, I believe that this helped me to increase my mineral intake.

lymphasized myself towards good health, three times per day. I regularly exercised in a hot pool, eventually swimming as my condition improved. I joined a gymnasium and did circuit weight training. I continued receiving Colour Therapy, while lymphasizing, walking and bike riding. If I stopped any one of these forms of exercise for long I would experience an increase in pain due to a buildup of lymph in my joints.
I employed different healers as I was introduced to them. I draw your attention to a book called “Hands of Light” by Barbara Ann Brennan ISBN 0-553-05302-7, who was formerly a NASA Research Scientist. These writings go some way towards clarifying the meaning of spiritual healing as well as other alternative healing techniques. I believe that healing played a significant part in my recovery.
My amalgam tooth fillings were removed incorporating simultaneous chelation therapy with mineral, selenium and Vitamin C supplementation. The speed of my recovery increased dramatically after this treatment. I now fully recommend http://www.naturaltherapiesltd... Super Anti-oxidant and Kiwikitz™ natural health products to stand along-side this procedure.
I employed Reflexology, Homeobotanical Herbals, Electro Acupressure and Shiatsu, to balance my body energies; healing oils; Co-enzyme Q10; Dr. Schuster’s Biochemical Cell Salts; Herbal remedies and Omega 3.

If I have learned anything at all, it is that the range of available alternatives is extensive and that they all work in their own way to help balance a body and to restore it to good health, but without causing detrimental side effects. The key word is of course “holistic” because we can best be helped to heal ourselves with a variety of help.

If a healthy body on an unhealthy diet becomes an unhealthy body on an unhealthy diet, some forms of drug medication may provide some symptom relief. However, when synthetic chemicals are introduced into the body, there is often a consequence in the form of other symptoms of ill health.
Medical professionals and researchers could look towards finding the cause of initial change from good health, with a view to reversing that cause. I believe that we are what we eat and what we think and our body will heal and repair itself if given a chance to do so. I refused to accept symptom suppressing but non-curative drug medication because I did not want to create further symptoms of ill health.

We have fine-tuned and simplified programs specifically designed to better suit today’s busy lifestyle. Our New Zealand businesses Natural Therapies and Kiwikitz™ in Te Puke have been built around these programs and action plans, which do include specific supplement mixes.
I recommend to everyone who suffers from joint mobility problems that they research the subject as individuals, that they lymphasize regularly, that they evaluate their diets, that they employ Electro-Acupressure and Healing and that they supplement with DONZ NATURAL OPC™ Super Anti-Oxidant and Kiwikitz™ dietary supplements. I recommend Kiwikitz™ Colloidal Minerals and DONZ NATURAL OPC™ Super Anti-Oxidant as they may provide protection against exaggerated degeneration. It appears that colloidal mineral supplementation is essential due to our modern farming techniques denaturing our soils, coupled with our increased need for minerals to help us excrete toxins and build resistance.
I believe that DONZ NATURAL OPC™ Super Anti-oxidant and Kiwikitz™ Natural Health Products reduce the need to employ as many methods as I had to.


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