Ode to Iodine

Ode to Iodine

by Bruno Loos.

Iodine (I2) is required for optimum health of the whole human body.

It is difficult to believe that an essential trace element with astonishing impact on our state of health, has been both, neglected and underrated, by medical science, for so long.

It is the only trace element, required for the synthesis and construction of a number of very important hormones. These are involved in embryogenesis, fetal cell differentiation, cognitive development, growth stimulation, metabolic processes and maintaining optimum body temperature and thereby our metabolic rate (MBR).

Deficiency of Iodine is manifest in more than 1/3 of the total population of our planet. No other trace element comes close to this
appalling statistic.

The most serious dietary deficiency results in a malfunctioning thyroid gland, which becomes visibly enlarged (Goiter). This is
particularly evident in populations whose staple diet consists principally of corn, (Corn Belt disease in US.) (Less than 1-5
mg/day), even mild deficiency results in:

Intellectual deficiency i.e. unable to reach intellectual potential (IQ rating)
Stunted growth and fetal development.
1-2mg/day Mitochondrial energy output impaired.
1-5mg/day Obesity because of low MBR
1-3mg/day All symptoms of Hypothyroidism: lack of energy – poor metabolism – cold extremities – reduced reflexivity.
1-3mg/day Myalgia in any form – onset of myelin decay and neuralgia, possible MS
1-3mg/day Chronic fatigue and low energy level.
1-3mg/day Early onset loss of vision and hearing.

Pre-disposition of factors contributing to thyroid cancer.

Women suffering from acute Iodine insufficiency (measured by a urinary excretion of less than 50 mcg/liter in urine, equate with 15% over all risk factor for breast cancer in the female population of the US, at the time of writing.

The Government Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) is 150 mcg/day.
How about that??

From this alarming list of health destroying conditions, it follows then, that 1/3 of the population would enjoy the following benefits,
simply by raising their Iodine intake:

Higher IQ
A better start in childhood
More energy for every cell, resulting in greater immune response, less illness, lethargy, migraines and faster wound healing.
Better and more complete digestion and uptake of nutrients.
Optimum levels of energy and mood elevation.
A significant decline in the onset of degenerative disease in middle age.
A decline in the onset of cancer at any age.
Elimination of "goiter", cretinism and significant general reduction of Hypo thyroidism.
Improved vision and hearing for 1/3 of the world population.

Because of the absence of any new interpretation of scientific input regarding Iodine requirements to this very day, we are delighted to present to you the outstanding "landmark" studies on "Orthoiodinesupplementation": i.e. "IODINE Sufficiency of the Whole Human Body" by Professor Guy E Abraham et al.

Our article is a synopsis of his scientific studies and research.

For more technical details look at:http://www.optimox.com/pics/Iodine/opt_Research_I....

This also lists the 63 scientific references used in the compilation of the paper.

The RDA of Iodine was set many years ago at 150 mcg/day, because it represents the minimum uptake required to avoid the worst symptoms of I deficiency i.e. "Goiter" and "Cretinism"

At a later stage, many physicians advocated a RDA of 400 – 500 mcg/day.

Even at this rate, epidemiological studies showed an inverse relationship between the occurrence of breast, endometrial and ovarian cancer and a high intake of Iodine.

To put it simply; wherever a population's diet afforded a high intake of Iodine (above 6mg/day), the risk factor of women contracting any of these cancers, was reduced dramatically!

A review of epidemiological studies showed, that the majority of breast cancer cases, 92 – 96%, shared a common causative factor, and further, that the causative agent is a deficiency of a micronutrient, depleted by a high fat diet!

RA Wiseman: J. Epid Comm health 54: 851-858. 2000.

This was an astonishing hypothesis at the advent of the new millennium.

Thanks to Professor Abraham and his team, the hypothesis is now a well established fact.

Do not be surprised or disappointed, if hitherto, you had not even heard of such a life saving and cancer sparing conclusion.

Very likely, your doctor and/or oncologist has not heard or read about it either.

Professor Abraham's lifelong interest in Iodine was, inter alia, stimulated by the "Japanese Paradox", i.e., Japan as a populace, has the highest per capita consumption of tobacco and the largest number of chain-smokers in the world.

Yet, cancer (any), as a cause of death, is the lowest in the world and breast cancer is virtually unknown.

It did not take long for Prof. Abraham to conclude, that, based on his extensive longitudinal studies, the mysterious missing micronutrient was not absent in the Japanese diet.

On the contrary, further studies confirmed, the Japanese consume a large variety of seaweed vegetable matter, giving average daily
Iodine uptake of approx 12 mg/day.

In addition, by comparison with other Nordic countries such as, Norway, Sweden and Finland, the Japanese diet contains considerably less fat!

The role of fat in the diet, as a causative factor, particularly in breast and prostate cancers, takes on a new meaning here. We
intend to make this the subject of a follow up article.

From the foregoing it has been distilled that the Anglo-Saxon diet should increase its current Iodine uptake 20-40 fold or to about 12 mg/day (Ghent et al, Can J. Surg…. 36: 453 – 460, 1993 and Eskin B et al. Biological Trace Element Research. 49: 9 -19, 1995)

Past and present "Iodophobia", particularly in the US, and focused, ironically, on I in Iodine containing drugs, (mis)used as prescribed by licensed, practicing physicians and pathologists, has been focused largely on the dangers, (imagined or otherwise) of excessive Iodine intake.

This attitude, still prevalent today, has placed an essential micronutrient in a "toxin category" in fact calling it a "pathogen".

The result of this trend in the scientific literature may well play an important role in the shockingly
high incidence of cancer in the female reproduction organs, in the US. And by extension, New Zealand and Australia.

Prof. Abraham contributes a great deal of blame and shame to our large multinational corp. food processors, hand in hand with multinational pharma interests, aided and abetted by an ill informed, uncritical media and corrupt bureaucracy and further a politically inspired medical establishment agenda.

Sound familiar to New Zealanders??

You would not be far wrong.

In a priceless footnote of chapter II, Prof. Abraham says, quote: "with Guardians like that, who needs enemies?"

Prof. Abraham must sound "prophetic" to an increasing number of New Zealanders, since the "National Party" assumed office in 2006, there has been no change in Government direction to address this serious matter.

Back to Prof. Abraham for the technocrat's chapters III and IV. These give an insight into the scientific approach to determine the
optimal intake/uptake parameters for both Thyroidal function and effect and the Extrathyroidal tissues.

The latter one is of particular importance for breast normality and for protection against Fibrocystic Disease of the Breast (FDB) and breast cancer.

Of special interest is the finding of "Eskin et al," ref. prev. of chemical preference displayed by Thyroid for IODIDE (KI) "Iodide",
and mammary tissue for IODINE elemental I2. This does away with the previously held doctrine where "One size fits all", as evidenced, even today, in our government provision of 1mg. I2 in the flour content of one loaf of bread.

Further studies confirmed the differential optimal daily requirement of 7.5mg of Iodide for thyroid plus 5 mg iodine for female
breast tissue!

Chapter V confirms that this corresponds to a serum Iodine level of 12.7mcg/100ml.

This would equate to the average Japanese dietary intake, 12—13 mg/day. In 1829, the French Physician, Jean Lugol, first compounded and introduced to medical practice, a solution in water of 5% Iodine – (I2) and 10% Potassium Iodide – KI is practically insoluble in water by itself (0.3 gr/liter), but in combination with KI 1:2, the 5 + 10 % "Lugol" solution becomes a very popular medical antiseptic and therapeutic.

Even a century later it was still widely used by European medical practitioners as this writer can attest to from personal experience, before World War ∏

Alas, with the increasing dominance of the allopathic- /pharmaceutical model of medical practice, this substance fell into disuse, although some older doctors still prescribe it selectively for Thyroidal conditions. Remarkably it does a better job than most levothyroxine supplementation.

Hintze et al – Euro J. l of clinical Investigation 19: 527-534. 1989

The great advantage of using Lugol's solution as a supplement is that one drop contains exactly 6 mg, ergo 2 drops provide 12 mg or close enough to 5 mg + 7.5 = 12.5 mg (iodine + iodide) exactly the recommended optimal dose for Breast tissue and Thyroid.

Additionally,it is handy as a powerful and instant antiseptic for small wounds, blisters, boils & grazes.

Just be careful not to spill any on the carpet.

So, if we are desirous of attaining the same or similar health status (remember: "no cancer"), as a Japanese island dweller, we
should provide our body with a daily maintenance intake of 2 drops of Lugol's solution.

Please note, it should be NO MORE and NO LESS than 2 drops, best taken 15 minutes or more before breakfast.

But wait, there is more to learn about an additional benefit of Iodine. Prof. Abraham recommends that any adult, aspiring to achieve this optimum (Japanese) state of Health, should start with a 3 months loading protocol, prescribing 8 drops of Lugol's each morning.

This makes use of the remarkable ability of Iodine to go anywhere in the body to dislodge poisonous deposits of the 3 other Halogens: Bromide, Fluoride and Chloride.

It will also remove mercury, lead, cadmium, cobalt, aluminium and any other toxic metal. These are then secreted with Iodine in the
urine over a period of 3 months.

There is a gradual and measurable increase in excretion, which peaks sometime in the 2 month and then slowly falls to normal levels in the 3rd month. After this "detox" you reduce your IODINE intake to 2 drops every day for the rest of your life or you could embrace the Japanese diet. Either way, you will ensure that all toxic pollutants in your food and your environment are disposed of on a daily basis. This alone will improve your ability to stave of degenerative diseases such as chronic inflammation, arthritis, heart
disease and cancer. At the same time you will experience life long optimal Thyroid function with a bonus of greatly reduced risk
for contracting Breast or Prostate cancer, if the Japanese model is anything to go by.

I do hope you will agree with me that you should embrace this miracle micro nutrient. The rewards surely are worth it. Thank you Professor Abraham for your outstanding research.

With IODINE supplementation you will definitely be healthier!! You will also become happier and more prosperous.


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