What Is Fucoidan and Why Should I Incorporate More of This Amazing Nutrient Into My Diet?

Fucoidan is a component of several species of brown seaweed and is prized around the world as one of nature’s most powerful supporters of our immune system.

Fucoidan work on several pathways within our body to support the immune system.

One of the earliest scientific discoveries was that fucoidans strongly support our immune T- cells (killer cells).T cells attack and consume viruses. Through this mechanism, fucoidans may protect you from viruses that commonly circulate during the colder months. The same T- cell mechanism is used by the body to clean up rogue cells that may be starting to act abnormally. T- cells are a crucial line of defence for the body, ensuring we stay healthy.

When we get a new infection, sometimes our own immune response can overreact flooding the body with inflammatory molecules (this is what happens when a new strain of flu or virus evolves that our body doesn’t recognise). Fucoidans can help to reduce this response making it a very special molecule and a good companion for travellers to exotic locations where tropical diseases are more prevalent.

Fucoidan has a special relationship with our microbiome and can protect the good bacteria within our gut. Fucoidan has been found to help people with chronic gut issues by protecting and enabling the microbiome calming inflammation and supporting healing. 

Undaria pinnatifida and Fucus vesiculosus are the two most valued species of seaweed from which Fucoidans are extracted and are prominent in many clinical trials.
Undaria Pinnatifida, commonly known as wakame and mekabu is associated with the Okinawan diet and partly attributed to the populations' longevity, heart health and low cancer rates (compared to the rest of Japan where less Undaria is consumed).
We source our certified organic Undaria Fucoidans from deep in the south pacific ocean where the waters are pristinely clean. The extraction method of Fucoidans is important also. Our extraction company uses new, water-based, organic-certified technology, without solvents. This ensures purity and bioactivity that may not be present in other Fucoidans on the market.
It is important to note that it is not ideal to source or eat seaweed products from the regions surrounding the sea of Japan where radioactivity persists.


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