Maple water - nature's Necta

Move over coconut water, there’s a new plant-based drink in town!

Coconut water has long been the healthy drink of choice for many of us. But now there’s an even more delicious alternative – maple water.
Maple water is the clear, nutrient-rich sap which is sustainably harvested each spring by tapping into the maple tree, a technique passed onto early Canadian settlers by indigenous American Indians. This subtly sweet sap is quickly becoming the popular drink for people on the go due to its high levels of electrolytes, low calories and contains over 46 bioactive nutrients, including antioxidants and minerals.

How does maple water differ from maple syrup?

Maple water is pure maple sap, the clear liquid which flows directly from maple trees in spring. Although derived from the same place, maple water and maple syrup are not the same. Maple syrup is made by boiling down the maple water, leaving behind the thick syrupy goodness. The boiling process evaporates a large portion of the water, meaning that maple syrup has a much higher concentration of sugar and sweetness compared to the sap. It takes approximately 50 litres of the maple sap to produce one litre of maple syrup!


Not only is maple water packed full of nutrients with a refreshing, clean taste with a hint of maple sweetness, it’s also gluten-free, dairy free, vegan and non-GMO! The perfect drink for the entire family this summer.

Bursting with electrolytes

Like coconut water, maple water is bursting with electrolytes. It’s naturally hydrating - perfect on a hot summer’s day or post workout - containing potassium, magnesium and calcium.
Low in calories

Maple water is low in both calories and sugar – less than even coconut water. At only 2% sugar, maple water is a healthier alternative to many fruit juices and sports drinks on the market.
Control blood sugar levels

Maple water contains an important phytohormone known as Abscisic acid (ABA). Originally identified in plants, ABA is also naturally produced in humans and is believed to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels.
Immune system boost

Maple water may be beneficial to the immune system. A study conducted in 2013 examined the effects of the maple sap and how it responded to a compound known to impair the immune system in rats, mice and canines. The researchers found that maple sap stimulated the activity of immune cells in all three animals. They also found that the sap improved how reactive oxygen species eliminated bacteria from the body. These findings suggest that maple sap may help to boost the immune system when it’s being attacked!
Lower blood pressure

Maple water contains high levels of minerals calcium, potassium and magnesium, which have been linked to blood pressure regulation. A study published in Molecular Medicine Reports, had researchers feeding hypertensive rats spring water with different levels of maple sap. They found that the rats which drank spring water with the higher levels of maple sap had a reduced blood pressure in comparison to those which only drank spring water. It’s believed that this may be due to the concentration of potassium in maple water.
Improve bone health

Magnesium is believed to help promote bone strength. The effects of maple water were tested in a study published in the British Journal of Nutrition, by placing mice on low-calcium diets and adding various doses of maple water. Mice given higher doses of maple water continued to have normal serum calcium levels, and a higher thigh bone density compared to the group fed spring water or only 25% maple sap. The researchers concluded that maple water could potentially reduce osteoporosis-like symptoms induced by a low-calcium diet.
Lessen hangovers

It has been suggested that drinking maple water before consuming alcohol can boost the rate at which alcohol is metabolised in the body, potentially reducing the severity of a hangover. These effects were published in a 2011 study in the International Journal of Molecular Medicine. The researchers found that the sap from the maple tree reduced blood concentrations of both alcohol and acetaldehyde (a toxic by-product of alcohol metabolism which contributes to your hangover and a known carcinogen!) after the consumption of alcohol. Additionally, two important liver enzymes involved in alcohol metabolism (alcohol dehydrogenase and aldehyde dehydrogenase mRNA) were significantly increased in the rats fed maple water before consuming alcohol.
Maple water should not be consumed as an excuse to drink alcohol in excessive amounts. At the end of the day, alcohol is toxic to our bodies and no known natural substance will prevent the damage it causes.

Why NECTA Maple Water?

We offer three delicious flavours of USDA certified organic NECTA Maple Water: Cranberry & Blueberry, Pure Maple Water and Lemon Tea. Straight from the maple trees of Quebec, maple water is the perfect addition to your fridge this summer to keep you naturally hydrated.


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