Drinking Matcha Tea Can Reduce Anxiety

You may love a cup of warm green tea in the morning, but did you know it may also set you up for a calmer, less anxious mood throughout your day? Research shows your coffee substitute may be a mood-booster as well

According to "The Book of Tea," written in 1906 by Japanese scholar Okakura Kakuz┼Ź,"Tea began as a medicine and grew into a beverage." With that simple yet profound statement, Okakura succinctly explained why green tea has long been celebrated as both a soothing refreshment and health-boosting tonic.

Researchers at Kumamoto University in the Kyushu region of Japan studied green tea's beneficial properties, specifically its ability to calm the mind. Published in the Journal of Functional Foods in 2019, the study examined the stress-reducing function of matcha green tea in clinical trials.

There are at least 400 reasons to drink green tea, including the scientifically proven effect of green tea phytochemicals on mood and brain function. Matcha green tea possesses the attributes of the whole leaf, which are shade-grown for three to four weeks before harvest, then removed from the stems and deveined before grinding into a light green powder that is then dissolved in hot water as a beverage.

Green tea's therapeutic properties have been studied worldwide, predominantly by researchers in Asian countries where green tea is still commonly consumed. Studies have demonstrated green tea's anticarcinogenic properties, as well as its ability to enhance fat burning.

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