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Pristine, sun-dried calcium bentonite desert green clay is combined with organic psyllium to provide a simple yet effective detox solution. This clay is charged with negative ions and is inert. However, once water is added, the ions become activated and attract positively charged, unhealthy parasites, free radicals, bacterium and mucous to the clay molecule. Then the green clay in conjunction with the organic psyllium will detox the absorbed and attached load through the normal elimination channels.

Kiwikitz™ Clay Cleanse


We believe everyone could benefit from having Clay Cleanse. Apart from alkalizing the body and improving assimilation of nutrients, green clay cleans the digestive tract and strengthens the immune system. Clients report excellent results after taking clay when suffering from most skin ailments including skin conditions that have persisted despite other interventions. Because Clay Cleanse contains organic psyllium, this helps relieve ongoing constipation issues, bloating and irritation in the colon. Some people report darkened stools for several days or weeks during the elimination process.


Our simple detox method is safe for adults, children, the aged, pregnant and lactating mums. Pets can benefit from the Clay Cleanse too. We recommend the Clay Cleanse for animals too especially pets with skin conditions, lowered vitality, weakened immune system, joint aches and pains, fluid retention, after injuries, parasites, digestive issues and after exposure to heavy metals, toxins or chemicals.

Green clay stays within the alimentary tract rather than be absorbed by the blood stream. It is recommended as a precaution that Clay Cleanse be taken 3 hours away from prescription medication and children and pregnant women take small spoon of the prescribed dosage on the bottle. We advise clients to start with the small spoon for the first week then graduate to the larger spoon as a few clients feel tired or headachy when starting to detox so this should reduce the like-hood of this happening. Do not put spoons in dishwasher or they will dissolve.


The smaller spoon is also provided for pet dosing. Dissolve powder in warm water then add to wet food for pets – use small spoon only. Dosage – ¼ small dogs; ½ spoon for medium sized dogs; 1 level spoon large dogs.


If wanting to do a Gallbladder Flush ask for our Handout which includes an eating plan and specific gallstone flush regime. If wanting to follow our Detox & Weight Management Eating Plan, please contact Kiwikitz for a Handout

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