A personal testimony by Tony Lorigan, Davies Kyokushin Karate, Hamilton, New Zealand: October 2016 "Once again people, I find myself with an excuse to write. I do not mind really - Today I am going to attempt to describe my experience with a product called ASEA that I was ...
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"I have made a life decision to spread the education of ASEA and personally recommend it.."

As Co-Founder and Director of Davies Karate – Martial Arts School, 4th Dan Black Belt and 2 Times Kyokushin Karate World Champion, I was introduced to ASEA by Steve & Fiona Cox. Initially I was not convinced that ASEA could improve my overall well-being as I was acti...
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"I am feeling more energized than ever before!"

My name is Sean Caldwell and I began using ASEA in April 2016. I've been biking since 2010 & have been around the Taupo circuit of 160kms 3 times. I haven't done the Taupo run in the last couple years, but go biking at least 3-5 times a week to keep fit. I have two c...
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