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If you want to protect your whole family whilst they are at home from Electromagnetic Radiation or perhaps offer your colleagues at work the same EMF protection (without necessarily explaining what you are doing!), then you need to look at products to protect a zone.

To do this the product needs to be strong enough to generate a large protective energy field around it - large enough so that it offers a significant protected zone to live and work within. We have three products which will do this.

The P.e.bal

The Pyramid Energy Balancer or P.e.bal is our most popular product. It is also the most powerful device we produce. Put this power house in your home and you will likely also be offering some EMF protection to your neighbors. With a massive field of 18 yards (approx 18M) radius in all directions you would need to live in a serious mansion to be able to walk out of the P.e.bal's range and still be at home. This equates to a zone of 36 yards (36M) from edge to edge!

Put the P.e.bal in your home or work place and you are covered - not just for EMF protection but also Geopathic Stress and all other forms of disturbed energy.

"I NEVER travel to any hotel or anywhere without my p.e.bal these days. I used to be so sensitive to weird energies in hotels and now I feel confident and sleep peacefully every time. I even took it to my freelance gig at a highly competitive, hostile & stressful workplace and the two day freelance gig went without stress or previous workplace hostility! (experienced the last several times there!) If only they knew!!." Lindy, Manhattan, USA

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