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have been searching and testing cell phone radiation protection and
related radiation protection products for several years and found
nothing that was up to the efficiency standards of our own balancing/EMF radiation protection products.

Until now that is! 
We found the RadiSafe cell phone radiation shield. The technology used in them is compatible to
that used in all our devices. The RadiSafe cell phone radiation
protection tested at 72% effective (with 100% being total protection) We
were impressed but knew that this could be improved. 

cell phone radiation protection

adding a scalar frequency to the crystals in the shields we improved its
performance by 30%. They now give 95% protection which we believe is
the highest radiation protection of any cell phone radiation shields available! These BOOSTED RadiSafe are only available from us or our agents. 

We also wanted them to be affordable to whole families so even though they are one of the cheapest on the market we have a discounted pack of four shields. The Radisafe cell phone protection shields last the life time of the phone. 

Don’t forget that cordless land line phones emit high levels of EMF radiation and can be even more dangerous than cell phones!! And usually we speak longer on cordless phones – because its usually cheaper and we think that it is safer! 

To learn more about the testing of the Radisafe’s cell phone radiation protection - visit our testing page.

For complete protection from all EMF use the p.e.bal, Negater Shell and Nu-me pendants in conjunction with the Radisafe cell phone radiation shields. 

At this price you can afford to protect the whole family but can you afford not to?

I also feel really good knowing that the
RadiSafe phone chips are protecting anyone who uses any of our phones
and have noticed that my ear doesn’t get so hot now when I am having a
good chinwag on the phone! Thank you for your fantastic products!
Louise, NZ

Unprotected cell phones lead to unwanted cancers – as agreed by the World Health Organization and a growing number of physicians / scientists*. It’s as simple as that. 

*World Health Organization has classified cell phone radiation as class B carcinogen. Dr. David Carpenter, Dean at the School of Public
Health State University of New York believes that up to 30% of all
childhood cancers are associated with EMF exposure (Dean at the School
of Public Health, State University of New York. [U.K Sunday Mirror Apr/04]). 

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