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Camu Camu fruit grows in the river deltas of the Peruvian and Brazilian Amazon Rainforest and is the highest documented source of natural Vitamin C complex in the plant kingdom.It also contains many other essential vitamins and minerals and the synergy of all these nutrients make the vitamin C complex in Camu Camu the easiest for your body to absorb and utilize compared to a single ingredient dietary supplement.Fresh camu camu's vitamin C content is around 11 x that of blackcurrants, 38 x that of strawberries and 46 x that of oranges.Our Camu Camu Powder has a delightful citrus flavour that is delicious in smoothies, raw desserts or sprinkled over yoghurt and cereal. NATURAL VITAMIN C vs. SYNTHETIC: What is the difference between natural wholefood Vitamin C and ascorbic acid or synthetic Vitamin C?

"A whole egg can be compared to whole food vitamin C
An egg shell can be compared to ascorbic acid"

Taking more of this shell does not make up for the loss of the valuable components. Ascorbic acid is a complex precious protector of Vitamin C. Once the ascorbic acid has been isolated from the other food components, only the shell is left. Ascorbic acid is but a fraction of the whole Vitamin C complex.

Wholefood supplements are made up of thousands of nutrients and phytonutrients derived from concentrated foods that work in synergy. USP vitamins and minerals commonly found on the market are isolated synthetics lacking these thousands of phytonutrients which are necessary for effective bioavailability, utilization and retention by the body. Only wholefood supplements nourish your body with the nutrients that it needs.

n the 1950’s Natural Vit C was deemed too expensive to produce and since then Synthetic Vit C has taken over the industry. Now China is producing 90% of the worlds Vit C production with a cheaper new two step process utilizing genetically modified organisms (see bottom of page) Finally we have a cost effective alternative with the discovery of Camu Camu which grows wild in  the Amazon river plains and has so much natural vitamin C that it is a cost effective way of getting the highest quality natural vitamin C complex.

Much has been published about the benefits of Vitamin C supplementation and the need for daily intake to maintain superior health. Scientists know that a lack of daily Vitamin C results in the symptoms of scurvy – basically a breakdown of connective tissue and cellular function leading to death. Humans don’t produce their own Vitamin C so we are reliant on a daily source to stay alive. In fact, many scientists believe we don’t get anywhere near enough Vitamin C compared to our closest ancestor, the great ape. They suggest that while the minimum recommended daily allowance is enough to keep us alive and free from the symptoms of scurvy, it’s not enough for optimum health. Most people don’t realise that much of today’s Vitamin C supplements are chemically synthesized molecules often made with GMO’s and  genetically modified corn starch. Over 90% of the worlds Vitamin C is now produced in China. These cheap laboratory produced products do not contain the many benefits of 100% natural Vitamin C complex.

If you are an advocate of Vitamin C for enhanced health we suggest you try to get as much Vitamin C from your diet as you can, by eating lots of wholefoods (fruit and vegetables). Secondly, supplement with natural Vitamin C complex only. Although the chemical structure of the ascorbic acid molecule in natural and synthetic vit c are identical some scientists believe that the natural Vitamin C complex is more effective than synthetic Vitamin C in protecting your health – largely because it is in a complex form with flavanoids and other synergistic nutrients attached which enhance its effectiveness at maintaining health and provide other additional nutritional benefits.

Camu Camu fruit grow in the river deltas of the Peruvian and Brazilian Amazon Rainforest and is the highest documented source of natural Vitamin C in the plant kingdom. In addition to Vitamin C, Camu Camu also contains a wide range of other nutrients necessary for maintaining good Health. Compared to Oranges, Camu Camu contains 50 times more Vitamin C, 3 times more niacin, 10 times more iron, double the amount of riboflavin, and 50% more Phosphorus. Camu Camu also contains high amounts of potassium and a wide range of amino acids and minerals. The synergy of all these nutrients make the Vitamin C in Camu Camu easily absorbed in the way nature designed - to support your health.

"This article is included in the interests of consumer health education and is not intended to imply that such ingredients have been approved under the Medicines Act for the prevention or treatment of specific diseases or medical conditions. Individual Results will vary. The results quoted in early trials may need to be confirmed by further studies. Evaluation under the Medicines Act has not been undertaken. You should seek appropriate Healthcare professional advice for any medical condition."

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