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Coconut water has been enjoyed by many tropical cultures for hundreds of years with Hawaiians commonly calling it Noelani which means ‘dew from the heavens’. It is a subtly sweet, thirst quenching, low calorie beverage as well as a completely natural electrolyte replenisher. Our Organic Coconut Water Powder is freeze-dried to lock in all the natural goodness of fresh coconut water and is the next best thing to drinking fresh coconut water itself.Perfect for:
Air travel Pre and post workout Athletes Children People on the go

No Added Sugar
100% Natural
Low Calorie

While not technically making it into the Superfood ranks, coconut water does have some advantages over other sports drinks. It is totally natural and is not loaded with sweeteners, preservatives or coloring. Its celebrity status has come from its low calorie, fresh and pure properties.

While freeze-drying is the most expensive drying process, it does deliver a product of superior quality, and when reconstituted in a glass of water delivers all the goodness, freshness and flavor of a freshly harvested coconut.

10g of freeze dried coconut water powder rehydrates exactly to 250ml (standard glass of water)

Air Travel
Coconut water is the perfect companion during air travel. Pressurized planes are notorious for causing dehydration; and coupled with drinking alcohol, eating too much and sitting for long periods this is a perfect environment to run down your immune system and arrive at your holiday destination sick.


We have created the perfect FLY-drator 

1. Freeze dried Coconut Water with 30% freeze dried Maqui berry powder – the berry which is #1 for antioxidant content. So, now while travelling you can enjoy rehydration and immune support the natural way.

2. Freeze dried Coconut Water with 30% Yum berry powder – the berry which is #1 for proanthocyanin content. OPC’s support the strength and integrity of blood vessels, veins, gums and the brain and spinal cord.

Just add a Tablespoon (approx. 10g) of the powder to a glass of water for every 2-3 hours of air travel. In addition, you should drink at least another glass of plain water every hour while flying (and an extra glass of water following every alcoholic drink you consume).

Cabin pressure dehydration, lack of movement and alcohol can all lead to sticky blood – blood which is more likely to clot and cause Deep Vein Thrombosis – a known risk with air travel – so make sure you get up and move regularly and start to hydrate yourself a day or two before a long journey. Your doctor may even recommend taking low-dose aspirin leading up to and during air travel – this also helps to reduce blood clotting but doesn’t mean you can forget about the other key things we have mentioned above.

Freeze dried Coconut Water is a great travellers friend. Whether you are travelling in the tropics, hiking, cycling or on a long bus or car journey, freeze dried coconut water can go straight into your pump bottle and keep you healthy and hydrated while you are on the go.

The powder lasts well at room temperature – just make sure you reseal the pouch after each use so the powder does not absorb moisture from the atmosphere. Light, economical, as fresh as the day it was picked and easy to carry, freeze dried coconut water powder is the gold standard for rehydration.

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