Deodorant 60ml roll on

Pure Blend



We have patchouli in 2 of our deodorants as patchouli naturally helps control sweating but not to the same degree as aluminium!

Ingredients: witch hazel, hydrosols of either lavender, lemon verbena or rosemary, vegetable glycerine, coconut oil, polysorbate 20, xantham gum and essential oils as below. 

1. Arabian: cypress, lemongrass and patchouli. Popular mens choice.2. Herbal:  lavender, rosemary, thyme and sage.  Fresh smell & antibacterial.3. Patchouli and Lime: patchouli and lime. Popular womens choice.4. Fragrance Free - make a note in comments with your order as to which one/s you want :) 

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