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Yamoa™ Powder ( In Capsules ) - So Different From Other Allergy and Asthma Treatments

Unlike conventional treatment approaches for asthma, Yamoa™ is HARMLESS - it has no side effects; it is EFFECTIVE - many people don't need to continue taking it to be able to breathe normally; and it is INEXPENSIVE - it won't cost you a small fortune in prescriptions and medical bills.

Yamoa™ is NATURAL - it is as Mother Nature intended it to be, pure and unadulterated. Yamoa™ is NON-ADDICTIVE, and is SAFE FOR CHILDREN.

Others Have Found That Yamoa™ Eradicates Asthma and Hay Fever Symptoms - When All Other Treatments Have Failed.

Yamoa™ is the ground bark of a rare gum tree and has been used effectively in the villages of Africa for centuries. Yamoa™ is safe even for babies and children suffering from childhood asthma, and has been responsible for enabling otherwise inactive children to take up sport and to play with their friends when before they were just spectators.

Prominent scientists around the world have independently studied the properties of Yamoa™ and published peer-reviewed papers about properties of Yamoa™ in journals such as the International Immunopharmacology and The Journal of Immunology. 90% of Jerry Yamoa's colleagues at Nine Elms Postal Office in South London reported improvement after only one month.

Unlike most conventional approaches to treating asthma and respiratory allergies, Yamoa™ is not a long-term treatment. Most people experience maximum benefits after taking Yamoa™ for two to three months, with some only requiring one months' supply for really positive results. However, in many cases, the benefits are lasting - for some people one months' supply has been enough to keep them asthma-free for a number of years.

Yamoa™ is Powerfully Good for Your Health!

Yamoa™ contains a variety of compounds, which are well recognised as having positive, health-giving properties. Yamoa™ has important antioxidant, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antibiotic properties because it contains anthocyanins, flavonoids, tannins, natural anti-fungals and unique immunostimulatory polysaccharides which boost the immune system and have shown in a laboratory setting, the potential to fight infectious disease.

Yamoa™ has been traditionally used in its native environment, tropical Africa, to treat asthma, allergies, and other respiratory issues, as well as malaria. It has proven non-toxic in multiple laboratory experiments, and is free from heavy metals including cadmium, zinc, lead, chromium, and nickel. It is free from Salmonella, E.coli, Faecal coliforms and Faecal streptococci. It is safely used for respiratory disease, including allergies, asthma and COPD in humans, cats, and horses (Yamoa™ contains no substances prohibited by any equine sport or racing authority).

Jerry Yamoa Treasures Natural Medicine as Part of His Heritage, Making It Available to Everyman

The cost of one month’s supply of Yamoa™ is very minimal compared to other medications that supply only short-term relief and that you need to take day in, day out for the rest of your life - not to mention thedangerous side effects that these medications carry with them. Yamoa™ is side-effect free. Does not cause drowsiness, and can be taken by children as young as one year old. If Yamoa™ is right for you, you will experience positive effects after taking just one or two bottles. Short-term use and long-term benefits make Yamoa™ extremely affordable and unique.

We cannot guarantee that Yamoa™ will work for everyone, as everyone is different and will have their own unique experience with Yamoa.

However, We Do Guarantee The Following:

1 You will know within 2 to 3 months whether Yamoa™ Powder is going to benefit you.
2 Yamoa™ is manufactured to full British and International GMP standards.
3 We are available to answer questions and address any concerns that you may have about our product. We want to know whether or not you benefited from taking Yamoa™.

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